Lightning storm at night

Stormy Results Caused By Power Surges

Thunderstorms can take their toll on your home heating and air conditioning system. The power surges that often accompany storms can destroy your HVAC system in the blink of an eye.

While your heating and air conditioning system can withstand the rain, it can’t withstand power surges. With many sensitive electrical components, a power surge could result in immediate destruction to your unit. Even more, there could be a slow and steady breakdown from repeated abuse - even if it doesn’t show obvious signs of damage.


“Electricity is really just organized lightning” George Carlin

The majority of power surge-related damage is not caused by lighting. Smaller, daily surges from local power plants, downed lines, or home appliances can slowly cause damage that wears down your heating and air conditioning system.


Damage by lightning strikes is not typically covered under heating and air conditioning system warranties. While your homeowner’s insurance may include coverage, the burden of proof is usually on you.


Cartoon of a surge

Adding surge protection to your home and heating and air conditioning system can lower the risk of surge damage. Surge protectors monitor the incoming current and then divert that current to ground when they detect an increase that is unsafe.

There is not a single type of surge protection that can stop surges completely. The best protection for your heating and air conditioning system involves a multi-level approach.

Type 1: This includes proper grounding, whole house protection installed between street power lines and your home’s power meter

Type 2: Additional whole house protection between the meter and breaker box of your home

Type 3: Point-of-use protection between outlets and appliances – in this case, your heating and air conditioning system.

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