Mold Prevention & Remediation Tips for Your HVAC System

A technician with a gloved hand cleans a dirty ventilation grill next to a moldy white wall with a cotton swab.

Mold Outbreaks Often Arise from Poorly Maintained HVAC Equipment

Mold is a common problem in households. It can lead to significant health issues and property damage if left untreated. Many mold-related issues are directly related to faulty, old, or filthy HVAC equipment. Thus, maintaining clean and efficient HVAC equipment can help mitigate the chances of enduring an unwanted mold or mildew outbreak. Today, Aire Serv of Nashville is here to discuss some mold remediation strategies any homeowner can deploy to prevent mold from entering or returning to your property.

Replace Your Air Filter

We recommend changing your air filters often to prevent mold from forming in your HVAC unit. This is especially important if you’ve previously experienced a mold outbreak. Replacing air filters will help ensure lingering or remaining mold spores are filtered out of your HVAC system. It will also prevent mold spores from recirculating throughout your home. If you don’t have a filter or are unsure how to properly install one, contact our certified HVAC technicians today!

Check Your Ductwork for Mold Spores

Routinely inspect your ductwork for mold spores. Once again, checking your ductwork for mold is especially integral following a mold scare and treatment. The simplest way to check ductwork is to shine a flashlight over any accessible openings or sections along your walls and inside ceiling cavities. If you find any signs of mold growth, contact an HVAC expert right away for ductwork cleaning and sealing services. Leaky ductwork might be the underlying issue, letting moisture inside the ducts. Sealing your ductwork might be your best option for a long-term solution if mold continues to return.

Thoroughly Clean All HVAC Equipment & Nearby Surfaces

It’s important to thoroughly clean all your HVAC vents, units, and registers. Don’t overlook any section. A small bloom of mold can quickly spread and escalate into a full infestation. Always be mindful of choosing the appropriate cleaners. HVAC equipment is sturdy and robust, but it’s always wise to consult with a professional before taking any risks. Finally, working with mold is dangerous. We suggest DIY cleanings before mold outbreaks occur and after professionals have performed remediation services. Handling mold incorrectly can spread spores, harm your health, and jeopardize your home.

Vacuum Carpets Frequently

Once you’ve finished cleaning indoor surfaces, it’s usually wise to vacuum all carpets and rugs to keep them free from dust and other particles that attract mold growth. Be sure to use an appropriate vacuum cleaner designed with high filtration methods. Modern models typically have more powerful suction than standard vacuums, effectively removing dirt, dust, and other debris.

Check Humidity Levels

It’s wise to check humidity levels in your home. Consistently ensuring your indoor humidity stays at a safe level (below 50%) is a critical part of limiting mold growth and circulation. High humidity and high moisture levels encourage further growth of existing spores. As a result, maintaining low indoor humidity levels can prevent future mold infestations.

A humidistat is an excellent way to gauge humidity levels. This technology will monitor the indoor moisture and provide second-by-second readings. Humidistats are especially useful during hot summer weather when humidity levels tend to be higher than average.

Replace Your HVAC System (If Necessary)

In some mold-infested HVAC scenarios, an HVAC professional may recommend replacing your entire HVAC system altogether. The cost of mold remediation and repair might be unfeasible if your HVAC equipment has incurred an excessive amount of damage due to long-term mold exposure or contamination. Let our technicians examine your HVAC system and offer our professional advice sooner than later. We will always offer our honest, upfront opinion on your options.

If you need professional assistance repairing, replacing, or maintaining your HVAC equipment, give our team a call. We can help you find a new HVAC unit with increased energy efficiency at an affordable price. Our team will install it quickly and efficiently.

We can also recommend restoration specialists and mold remediation experts to help contain your infestation. As a proud member of the Neighborly family, we are thrilled to belong to a network of industry-leading home service franchises. We can partner you with an elite restoration team backed by unrivaled resources and reliable warranties.

Hire an HVAC Professional for Seasonal Maintenance

Whatever the case, we’re eager to ensure your HVAC system is in top condition and free from mold. Mold is a dangerous bacterium. It can cause rashes, respiratory issues, illnesses, and chronic health conditions. We believe the home should be a safe and healthy sanctuary. Nobody should spend their days breathing moldy particles and contaminants in the same space they eat, shower, and sleep.

Our technicians can return on a regular schedule to inspect your HVAC units, clean your ductwork, change filters, check humidity levels, and improve your indoor air quality. By proactively maintaining and upgrading HVAC equipment, our team can improve your indoor air quality and long-term wellbeing!

Want to hire an HVAC specialist for HVAC maintenance? Do you need a professional ductwork inspection? Call us anytime!