Furnace Maintenance for the Willamette Valley

When the Salem, Oregon area starts to get cold, you do not want to be left without heat in your home or business. When you heat your property with a furnace, you want to be secure in the knowledge that it works efficiently and reliably. Aire Serv of the Willamette provides furnace maintenance and servicing, which may include an overall evaluation of your system and recommendations on the best solution to keep your system running in tip-top shape. We are your heating experts whether you need furnace or other heater maintenance. When temperatures drop, you can rely on Aire Serv of the Willamette!

Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

At Aire Serv of the Willamette, we recommend scheduling furnace maintenance at least once a year, especially in early fall before the cold season hits. Regular maintenance decreases the amount and severity of furnace repairs you may encounter later on and helps keep occupants safe. 

Having a system that runs smoothly means it does not have to work as hard to do its job, saving you money and helping the environment by running more efficiently. A clean and well-functioning furnace also increases the indoor air quality in your home; for example, a clogged filter is less effective at stopping pollutants from entering your air.

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Signs You Should Consider Maintenance

In addition to yearly check-ups, it may be time to schedule furnace maintenance based on the following:

  • Unit age - Older units need more regular maintenance
  • Safety concerns - Acting fast when you observe warning signs may prevent emergencies
  • Repair frequency - Increased maintenance leads to decreased amount of furnace repairs
  • Higher bills - Save money by making your furnace more energy-efficient
  • Uneven temperatures - Keep a comfortable environment and prevent more significant issues
  • Odors or noises - Prevent repairs by scheduling maintenance when something seems off

What Furnace Maintenance Includes

Our service professionals know the Willamette Valley and can help with your furnace service needs, no matter the problem. When you schedule routine furnace maintenance, you get a Total Comfort Tune-Up, including: 

  • Component inspection
  • Whole system cleaning
  • Adjustment of unit controls
  • A safety check
  • Testing services

If our service professionals find issues, they will perform any necessary furnace repairs to get it up and running again. We also provide replacement services and will determine whether a new unit is the best option for your property.

Emergency Furnace Repair

We know that emergencies and the need for furnace repair can not always fit into your schedule. A lack of adequate heat or the smell of a gas leak are emergencies that cannot wait! Avoid fires, cold nights, or other disasters with Aire Serv of The Willamette; we provide Anytime Service to keep you safe. 

Aire Serv of the Willamette Services

Aire Serv of the Willamette can manage your HVAC system and furnace maintenance. Customers trust us for our Done Right Promise, from heating services like replacement and heat pump services to duct cleaning. We service residential and commercial properties in Salem, Keizer, Gervais, Silverton, and Tualatin.

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