Air Conditioning Repair in Wise, VA

If the temperature in Wise County is rising and your air conditioning system doesn't seem to be working, then it may be time to find reliable air conditioning repair. Aire Serv of Wise County has licensed and insured technicians working around the clock to keep the environment in homes and businesses comfortable. Millions of satisfied customers have already chosen to trust our national network, and we want to be your comfort company.

Four large outdoor HVAC units on individual concrete pads.

We offer the same price for any job we complete, any time or day of the week. We don't believe in charging our customers overtime rates simply because their heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system broke down outside of normal business hours. Our clean, professional technicians will be happy to help with:

  • Diagnosis and tuneup
  • Installations and upgrades
  • System maintenance and cleaning
  • Stopping weird noises or vibrations
  • Stopping refrigerant leaks
  • Restoring power to units
  • Replacing evaporator coils
  • Repairing or replacing defective fan motors
  • Repairing or replacing defective compressors
  • Clearing clogged condensate drains

Call Aire Serv of Wise County today for high-quality air conditioning repair work. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers throughout Wise, VA. You can count on us for a prompt project completion that leaves your home or office comfortable again.

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