5 Signs That You Need HVAC Repairs in Dallas, TX

HVAC unit undergoing repairs

Air conditioning systems are more than their faulty parts, but you won't appreciate their full abilities if a frozen evaporator coil is preventing them from doing anything at all. Likewise, a heater that doesn't function properly won't inspire much joy — especially if it fails exactly when you need it most.

Luckily, you can resolve many issues with air conditioning units, heating units, and any other HVAC units. Few situations are hopeless. When problems arise, there's always a team of Dallas HVAC service professionals ready to assist you — if you correctly spot the signs you need their services.

Aire Serv of Dallas is your locally owned HVAC service provider. Our team has years of experience and a full catalog of proven solutions for every component of your HVAC system. There isn't an issue we can't resolve, so you never have to worry about fixing malfunctioning condenser coils, faulty heat pumps, or any other problematic HVAC parts.

What are The Signs You Need HVAC Repairs in Dallas, TX?

You don't ever have to worry about completing an HVAC repair yourself, but you should know the signs you need professional services. If you're well-informed about which issues to look for, you'll be well-prepared to address issues with timely solutions — and you'll have more protection against sudden future repairs.

1. Your Air Conditioner Unit Won't Turn On

AC that won't turn on is a common problem in Dallas. Although it may be a serious issue that requires professional HVAC repair, you may be able to solve this problem yourself by checking for a few common causes. An AC unit that won't turn on is usually related to power issues, and some of those problems can be fixed with the flip of a switch.

Common Causes:

  • Power supply failure

  • Faulty thermostats

  • Shut-off switches

  • Interior power switches

  • Clogged condensate lines

If your AC won't turn on, check the breakers and power switches connected to your unit. If you recently had an appointment for routine maintenance, it's possible that someone may have left switches in their off positions. Check every electrical connection for switches that are off. Flip them on and try your AC again. If you get a blast of cool comfort, then you've solved your problem!

If your switches aren't the cause, your thermostat may be faulty — or need new batteries. AC systems will also turn off automatically if their condensate drains are full. If you're unsure about what the cause of a problem is, or you suspect you may be the victim of a serious part failure, you can always take advantage of Dallas AC repairs from your local HVAC professionals.

2. Your Heater is Running Constantly

If your heat pump or furnace is running constantly, that's not a situation you should ignore. In fact, it's often a sign of unaddressed issues that could be resolved with HVAC service. There are several problems that people experience with heaters in Dallas. Units that won't turn on and pilot lights that keep going out are common, but heating systems that won't turn off are particularly problematic.

What Causes This Problem?

The overarching reason why a heater runs constantly is that it's struggling to reach the temperature that its thermostat is asking it to hit. There are several reasons why that might happen, but without scheduling a heater repair and inspection appointment with your HVAC professionals, it may be difficult to track down the specific cause — especially if the problem keeps coming back.

Common Causes:

  • Incorrect thermostat settings

  • A dirty air filter

  • Faulty pilot lights

  • Leaky ducts

  • A broken fan motor

  • Thermostat malfunctions

3. There are Strange Noises Coming from Vents

Popping noises are common in Dallas, and they're completely normal. Popping typically occurs as your ductwork adjusts to changing temperatures. As the metal expands or contracts in response to hot or cold temperatures, you may hear popping coming from your vents. If you do, don't fret. There's no reason to worry about popping.

If you hear any strange noises other than popping coming from your vents, you should consider calling your local Dallas HVAC company for inspections and repairs. If you hear something inside, it's likely being caused by something deeper in your air ducts. Those sounds are indications that wear and other issues are affecting your efficient HVAC system.

Getting quick repairs from a local professional will prevent those minor issues from becoming major problems. Eliminating those disruptive noises will also restore your peace of mind and eliminate any stress being caused by your central air conditioning or heating.

Common Causes:

  • Issues with your central AC or heat unit echoing in ducts

  • Closed vents causing a unit to work harder & make more noise

  • Improperly installed ducts

  • Clogged filters

  • Undersized ducts

  • Poor airflow

  • Ducts clogged with debris

4. Your Monthly Utility Bills Have Suddenly Increased

Efficiency is a term that many Dallas homeowners and business owners scoff at because of how often other professionals toss it around. When it comes to HVAC systems, efficiency is a necessary factor. The power your air conditioning equipment and heating solutions use has a direct impact on how high your energy costs are. If you have inefficient systems, you'll inevitably end up paying more than necessary for climate control.

It may be possible that your current system simply isn't an energy efficient air conditioner or heater — especially if it's quite old. Anything with a SEER rating below 14 is currently considered substandard. However, having an older HVAC unit isn't an explanation for why your bills suddenly jumped up — but having a broken unit is.

How Does Repair Service Lower Energy Bills?

Over time, the belts, motors, and other essential components all wear down. That's why preventative maintenance is so important. Without prompt services for those faulty parts, they'll lower the efficiency of your system.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and an HVAC system is only as strong as its weakest part. Getting timely repairs for those faltering components will improve performance, thereby lowering your energy bills. It will also prevent any need for emergency services to repair a part that breaks unexpectedly.

5. Moisture & Humidity Accumulation

If you and the other people in your property are covered in a coat of moisture, you may have AC issues that need to be repaired. AC systems should control humidity automatically, so if the moisture levels inside your home are excessive, don't hesitate to ask a Dallas HVAC service professional to find out why — and repair any problems at the same time.

What's Causing This Problem?

Air conditioning systems are supposed to control moisture levels by circulating humid air around cold evaporator coils, so it's possible that there may be a problem with your evaporator coil, but there could also be problems with your fan or your ductwork.

It's also possible that you may have an oversized system. During the installation process, it's important to consider the size of your home in relation to the output of your selected appliance. If you have an improperly sized system, you may need replacement services rather than AC repair.

Do You Need an HVAC Repair Appointment in Dallas, TX?

If you're experiencing frustration or worry because of faulty air conditioning, heating, or ventilation, the courteous, knowledgeable pros at Aire Serv of Dallas can help! We proudly serve everyone in Dallas and many nearby communities.

Call for a convenient appointment or immediate emergency assistance. Whether you live in Plano, Irving, or other areas near Dallas, we can help!

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