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The Top 3 Reasons to Call a Dallas, TX AC Company

When Dallas' hot, humid days roll around, will you be prepared to beat the heat? If you're one of the many Dallas homeowners — and business owners — who utilize an efficient air conditioning system, then you won't have to worry about how many ice cubes are in the freezer or how many electric fans are running.

All Dallas homes should be furnished with amazing air conditioning units. Just like any other part of a home, those critical AC systems have specific requirements for installation, maintenance, and repairs. With such important, complex systems, it's important that you know a local AC expert who can help — whenever you need them.

Aire Serv of Dallas is your local heating, ventilation, and cooling company. Many Dallas property owners rely on our knowledgeable HVAC service professionals to keep their air conditioner working well 24/7. If you have an air conditioning system in your home or business, you'll benefit from taking advantage of the services that your local AC company provides.

When Should You Call an AC Company in Dallas, TX?

That's a great question! There are many reasons to call a Dallas AC company, but few people know all of them. Unless you're an HVAC repair professional yourself, it's unlikely that you know everything that might go wrong with your AC unit — and the important signs that you need AC repair services.

If you own a central air conditioner — or any other type of cooling system — learning about those common warning signs is important. If you do, you can schedule an appointment with your local AC company for help with avoiding more costly repairs later on.

1. Do You Need New AC Installation Services from a Company in Dallas, TX?

The most obvious reason to call an AC company is if you don't already have an excellent conditioning system. That doesn't just refer to those people that rely exclusively on cold ice and electric fans to cool their home. Air conditioning installations are also something that many people in Dallas with older, inefficient HVAC technology are considering.

When Should You Consider Air Conditioning Replacement or Installation in Dallas, TX?

Is your current system still meeting all your needs, giving you top-notch performance, and operating without demanding constant attention? Answering “no” to any of those key conditions is a great reason to replace your existing HVAC features, but there are also other reasons to consider replacement and installation.

Signs You Need Replacement or Installation Services:

  • You don't already have something keeping you constantly comfortable & cool

  • You rely on R-22 Freon for effective cooling

  • Your current appliance is more than 10 years old

  • Your existing technology has a low SEER rating

  • You have a broken system that would be more costly to repair than replace

  • You need constant repairs just to keep your unit working

  • Your current cooling solution is failing to keep you comfortable

Freon is gradually being phased out by the federal government; in fact, since January 1, 2020, it was ruled that no new Freon was to be made in or imported into the United States. If your existing AC relies on R-22 Freon, you may still use it, but you'll be reliant on an outdated — and limited — source of cooling.

If your existing cooling solution has more than ten years on its service record, or if it has a poor SEER rating, you're likely paying more in energy costs than what should be necessary to keep your property cool. All technology that isn't energy efficient requires more power to operate, which means that you'll be paying more on monthly utility bills. Getting a high-efficiency unit will also mean that you get more cost-efficient cooling. Anything below 14 is currently considered a poor SEER score.

If you're curious about how a local AC company can improve your life with their installation services, Aire Serv of Dallas can answer all your frequently asked questions. One of the best parts about knowing experts from a local HVAC company is the courteous and convenient support they provide!

2. Have You Remembered to Schedule Your Annual Maintenance Appointment with Your Dallas, TX AC Company?

Just like most other parts of any property in Dallas, your air conditioning system needs yearly maintenance to ensure that it's always working at peak efficiency — and to prevent other problems caused by unaddressed wear and damage.

You won't need to know how to avoid emergency air conditioning repair services if you simply remember to schedule an annual maintenance and inspection appointment with your reliable AC company. Failing to get regular maintenance and inspections is a common reason that people are left to sweat out hot summer nights — when they could have been completely cool and comfortable!

Can You Maintain Your Own Air Conditioning Equipment in Dallas, TX?

There are some basic tasks you can complete yourself — such as changing your filter and removing debris from your fins — but nothing beats professional, comprehensive maintenance provided by a licensed air conditioning company.

By using professional air conditioning services, you'll also be avoiding accidental injury — and severe damage caused by amateur HVAC repair service. HVAC systems present serious hazards to those that don't have proper training. Even if you do some basic maintenance yourself, it's still best to get a yearly air conditioning tune-up from the service professionals at your local AC company.

Standard Maintenance Services Include:

  • Checking all important parts for wear

  • Checking refrigerant levels

  • Testing for leaks with specialized detection equipment

  • Inspecting your evaporator coil

  • Oiling motors

  • Calibrating thermostats

  • Checking fan belts for wear

3. Do You Need Repairs from a Local Air Conditioning Company?

If you notice issues with your cooling solutions, it's likely that you'll need an experienced service professional from your local AC company to diagnose and fix the broken parts. Just like attempting your own maintenance, trying to fix broken cooling technology yourself generally isn't recommended. Improper procedure and handling could lead to unexpected damage — and injuries.

If your air conditioning appliances start showing warning signs that they need help, then calling the local cooling professionals at your trusted HVAC company is the best course of action. Not only will you get exceptional customer service and guaranteed repairs, but you'll also be able to take advantage of the expert insight that only comes from years of working with cooling repairs. Some repairs are simply not cost-effective, but you won't know that replacement would be a better option if you don't use your local experts for timely repairs.

Repair Warning Signs:

  • Nothing cold coming from your vents, even though your thermostat is set to “cool”

  • Warmth coming out of vents instead of cool relief

  • Weak airflow

  • Excessive indoor humidity

  • Constant cycling — constantly turning on & off

  • Puddles or moisture near your unit

  • Strange noises — rattling, buzzing, screeching, or grinding

  • AC that won't turn off

Do You Need Help from a Dallas, TX AC Company?

The experts at Aire Serv of Dallas can help! We're your locally owned and operated heating, ventilation, and cooling company! As local HVAC service professionals, we proudly serve all communities in and around Dallas — from Coppel to Mesquite and beyond!

Our services are guaranteed to help! Our mission is ensuring that everyone in our community always breathes easy, and we accomplish that goal by providing upfront pricing, a complete satisfaction guarantee, and anytime appointments. We're here to help — any time you need us!

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