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Living in Michigan, we know how vital a well-functioning heater is during winter. A reliable and efficient heating system ensures home comfort and family health. But, as you probably know already, heaters can have unexpected issues. Fortunately, that's where Frost Aire Serv comes in.

With the help of our team, you'll be able to take the guesswork out of what may be causing the issue and address it fast. We've been providing Frost and Nashville, MI, and the nearby areas with professional heater repair and replacement services for years and have earned a reputation for reliability and unbeatable customer service.

Don't let the cold get to you – request heater services today to let our team restore your comfort!

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Dependable Heater Repair Solutions

When your heating system fails, you need a team you can trust to quickly and efficiently resolve the issue. We can handle a broad range of heater problems, from minor furnace fixes to major central heating repairs, thanks to our extensive experience and training.

Here are some common problems our technicians can handle:

  • Frequent Cycling – Your heater turns on and off more often than it should.
  • Inadequate Heat – Your heating system isn’t providing enough warmth.
  • Thermostat Issues – The thermostat is not accurately regulating the temperature.
  • Unusual Noises – Strange noises are coming from your heater, such as banging, groaning, or whistling.
  • Pilot Control or Ignition Problems – Issues with the pilot or ignition can cause the heater to malfunction.
  • Blower Runs Continuously – The blower doesn't turn off, leading to excessive energy use.
  • Dirty or Clogged Filters – Over time, filters can accumulate dirt, reducing the system's efficiency.

Additionally, we are available 24/7 for emergencies and offer flexible scheduling for planned heater repairs. We also provide comprehensive maintenance services so that you can avoid potential problems in the future. We service furnaces, radiators, heat pumps, and more from leading brands.

Comfort-Focused Heater Replacement Services

Sometimes, a simple fix is not enough. If your unit is too old, or if the repair costs exceed your expectations, then a heater replacement may be the best solution for longevity or your wallet.

Consider a heater replacement when:

  • Your heater is more than 10 years old.
  • You spend a lot of money on repairs.
  • Your energy bills increase over time.
  • Your home becomes harder to heat evenly.

If a replacement is needed, we'll guide you through the process of choosing the perfect heater for your home. We take into account factors like the above and the size of your home, use, and budget to find a solution that works for you. Your comfort is our top priority down to our installation.

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At Frost Aire Serv, we're more than just a service - we're your partners in ensuring your home stays warm and cozy all year round. Our commitment is to provide you with unmatched heater services that prioritize your comfort above all.

While we're locally owned and operated, we're also backed by the Aire Serv name, providing us access to decades of national experience and industry-leading tools that ensure your comfort throughout the entire year!

Don't leave your comfort out in the cold – request an estimate for your heater repair or replacement now!

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