Heat Pump Services in The Gold Country

Heat pumps are an excellent option for those who live in a warm climate because they can act as both a heater and an AC unit. At Aire Serv of The Gold Country, we're here to provide our local communities with heat pump services they can rely on. Whether you're looking to install an entirely new system or replace an outdated furnace with this eco-friendly option, our experts are ready to help. We're here for both residential homeowners and commercial business owners in Valley Springs, San Andreas, Sonora, Groveland, Sutter Creek, and the surrounding areas.

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Heat Pump Systems We Service

  • Air-Source Pumps - These units transfer warmth from the air outside, moving it throughout the home's interior. They are capable of generating their own heat but are more efficient when they use electricity.
  • Geothermal Pumps - These systems extract their power from the earth and concentrate it to be transferred within a home. Installation can be more intensive, but thanks to the use of natural energy, the cost of operation is low.

Heat Pump Installation

Installation time is entirely dependent on the type of system being installed and can take anywhere from a single afternoon to several weeks. The reason behind this is that every kind of system extracts its energy in a different way. Since an air-source unit is very similar to an air conditioner, it can be installed quickly. On the other hand, a geothermal unit requires a more technical approach and must be installed below the ground level of a home.

Before geothermal installation, our team of professionals will scope out the plot of land to check that the subsoil is of good quality. We will take care to inspect the area thoroughly and will work to set up a plan built around your specific heating and cooling needs.

Heat Pump Replacement

Our Aire Serv professionals can replace your current system and perform individual maintenance on its components as well. When filters, refrigerants, and valves need to be replaced, we will be prepared with the necessary tools and parts. Wondering if it is time to replace your current unit? Look into booking an appointment if your system is displaying any of the following signs:

  • Your system is 10 years or older.
  • You notice any strange or uncommon sounds.
  • Your heating or cooling levels are inconsistent throughout your home.
  • You’ve had frequent, or very costly, repairs.
  • Your utility bill has increased significantly.

Why Aire Serv?

Aire Serv of The Gold Country offers upfront pricing and no overtime charges! When you need service and are experiencing a heating or cooling emergency, our 24/7 emergency services are here to help. A customer service representative will come to your aid in your time of need, immediately scheduling an appointment to help you get your heating and cooling back on track. At Aire Serv of The Gold Country, we care about our customers. Contact us today and let’s set up an appointment!

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