Expert Hot Water Recirculation System Installation & Repair in the Gold Country

Having hot water in your home is a necessity, but the method of letting water run through your pipes until it warms up is like throwing money down the drain. At Aire Serv of Gold Country, we have professionals licensed, trained, and certified to help you find the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions for your home. Implementing a hot water recirculation system into your home is a simple and affordable way to save you money. On top of installation, we also provide hot water recirculation system repairs in the Gold Country and surrounding areas.

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Constant Hot Water Equals Energy Saved

With typical plumbing, when you need hot water you turn on the faucet and wait a couple minutes for the water to get warm. After the faucet is turned off, the water remaining in the pipes turns cold, and the process of waiting and wasting water starts over. All of the water wasted during that wait period is costing time and money. Hot water recirculation provides you with constant hot water without the waste.

Homes with hot water circulation systems can save up to 12,000 gallons every year. Once you add the cost of water to the energy costs required to heat those 12,000 gallons, the total starts to add up. With an hot water recirculation system, you can put more money back in your pocket instead of throwing it down the drain!

How Does a Hot Water Recirculation System Work?

Recirculation systems are easily incorporated into your existing system by attaching a hot water recirculating pump to your water heater through the hot water pipes. These pumps keep hot water flowing through pipes to produce hot water without the wait.

There are options available to you from our expert technicians, including programmable timers to maximize energy savings and hot water conservation. If you are in need of Gold Country hot water recirculation installation or repairs, be sure to call Aire Serv. We can help you determine the best option specific to your needs.

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