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When air conditioners malfunction, it can be a major disruption to daily life. Whether in your home or office, air conditioner repair is often necessary for comfort and well-being. Harris Aire Serv is the perfect partner for your air conditioner repair and HVAC services. We provide comprehensive air conditioning solutions from highly trained technicians.

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Our top-rated Salt Lake City air conditioning repair professionals are dedicated to delivering prompt and dependable service. All air conditioners are inspected, diagnosed, and thoroughly serviced according to the highest industry standards. With our extensive experience in air conditioning systems, our technicians can quickly determine the issue and provide cost-effective solutions.

An AC Service Leader Offering Exceptional Support

With a large selection of cooling services, from air conditioner installation to air quality testing, our local technicians are equipped to handle all aspects of air conditioning repair. We use advanced technology and cutting-edge equipment to ensure you get the best solutions possible.

In addition to air conditioner repair, we offer additional services such as:

Our service technicians in Salt Lake City are knowledgeable and experienced, providing superior-quality HVAC services every time.

Why Our Repair Services Are Second to None

Harris Aire Serv is the perfect choice for air conditioning repair because everything we do is focused on safety and satisfaction.

  • Thoroughly calculated AC repair estimates
  • 24/7 emergency repair solutions
  • Expert guidance and advice for upkeep
  • Viable replacement options as needed

These and various aspects make us the ideal partner for air conditioner repair services. Choose our local team for cost-effective and comprehensive assistance.

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Harris Aire Serv is a trusted source for air conditioner repair, replacement, and maintenance. Our highly trained technicians provide robust solutions for all air conditioning needs – from diagnosis to installation.

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Frequently asked questions about air conditioner repair

How can I tell if my air conditioner is broken?

The first step in diagnosing any potential problems with your air conditioner is to check if the unit is receiving power. If the unit won’t turn on or off at all, then there may be an issue with either the wiring or the circuit breaker panel. You should also check for any strange or loud noises coming from your unit as this could indicate something is wrong internally. Finally, if you notice that cool air isn’t being produced by your unit then there could be an issue with either the compressor or the fan motor. 

What are the most common problems with air conditioners?

The most common problem reported with air conditioners is inadequate cooling due to low refrigerant levels. This occurs when there is a leak in your system that needs to be diagnosed and repaired. Other common problems include dirty filters that need replacing and faulty thermostats that aren’t accurately measuring temperatures in your home. It’s important to have these issues fixed as soon as possible so they don’t cause further damage to your system. 

When should I replace my air conditioner?

Typically, air conditioners should last 10-15 years before needing to be replaced depending on how well they are maintained over time. If you start noticing signs of wear and tear, such as higher energy bills or decreased performance, then it may be time for a new system before more serious issues arise.

Additionally, if you live in an older home and have been using the same system since it was built then chances are good that you will need to replace it sooner rather than later due to its age and lack of updated features available in newer models today. 

Repairing an old system may only offer temporary relief from an outdated model so investing in a new one might be more cost-effective over time if repairs become too costly or frequent. 

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