HVAC Repair and Maintenance Near Salt Lake City and the Surrounding Areas

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When you need HVAC repair in Salt Lake City, Aire Serv® is here to help. We also offer HVAC maintenance to help keep your HVAC unit in better condition to help it run longer.

AC Repair

If you need AC repair, you need it as soon as possible. A home without a working AC unit can get too hot quickly during the summer months. We offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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AC Maintenance

The warm temperatures can make anyone uncomfortable inside when the AC unit goes out. That’s why you occasionally need AC maintenance to ensure that the system is in good condition. When there are problems with the unit that you don’t know about, they could worsen. Getting AC maintenance is a good way to check up on the unit’s inner workings and fix problems. We offer the best maintenance services from our experienced service professionals. Contact us today, and we can come out and check your system.

Heating Repair

In Northern Utah, you can usually count on the winter being extremely cold. When it’s freezing outside, you need to be able to rely on your heating system. When you need heating repair, you need someone you can count on. For emergencies, we’re always available to service your heating system. You deserve to have a home that’s a warm and cozy place to be. Without heat, things can be highly uncomfortable. Get your home warm again with our heating repair services. We’re always happy to help.

Heating Maintenance

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Are there any problems with your heating system? If you don’t get heating maintenance, you may not find out. If minor problems start in your heating system, it may not be long before they become more significant. While a small problem might not cause your system not to work, this can happen when those problems worsen. Your comfort is important, and your home should be a place where you’re always comfortable. If you have heating problems, you can call us to request an appointment and get your heating unit back up and running.

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