Harris Aire Serv Emergency HVAC Repair

There's never a good time to have a problem with your HVAC unit, especially in an emergency. It can often feel like a race against the clock to figure out the issue and determine what to do. That's why local Salt Lake City residents choose us for emergency HVAC repair solutions.

When you call Aire Serv®, you get the best service in the industry. We’re the experts at HVAC repair, and we always want you to have top-quality service when you call us. We have friendly dispatchers available around the clock to quickly get you the heating and cooling repair services your home needs. We don’t want your home to get to a dangerous temperature, so we get to you as soon as possible every day of the week for your necessary repairs.

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24-Hour Emergency Heating and AC Repair

Not only are we available every day - even on holidays - but also 24 hours a day. We can provide you with heating and AC emergency repair anytime. Instead of waiting until the next business day to call for repairs, you can contact Harris Aire Serv to take care of your much-needed repairs quickly and efficiently. You also never have to worry about potential extra charges for repairs done on weekends or holidays.

It’s crucial for us to give you the best service, so we give you our Neighborly Done Right Promise every time you get service. It’s a promise that we’ll work hard to make you satisfied with our work.

Emergency Heating Repair Services

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It’s especially important in Salt Lake City to have fast access to emergency heating repair when your heating goes out. No one should go through frigid winter days and nights without a working heater for their own safety. If you've noticed any issues with your heater or your unit just shut off entirely, call us, and we'll be sure to get it back in working order in no time.

Emergency AC Repair Services

Pair of large outdoor HVAC units beside technician and customer talking in background.

You need your AC unit for warmer days to keep your home comfortable, and the last thing you want to deal with is your air conditioning going out entirely or blowing hot air. To prevent those warm summer temperature problems from getting to you and your family indoors, we can get you the emergency AC repair right when you need it most.

Get back to enjoying your home when you need it most, and leave the emergency HVAC issues to your local Aire Serv professionals. Call us any time, and we'll set up your repair appointment quickly.

What HVAC Issues Are Considered Emergencies?

As we all know, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system of our homes and offices is a critical aspect that ensures our indoor comfort. But what happens when it stops functioning abruptly or fails to work efficiently? Well, in that case, it's time to call for professional help. But when exactly do you consider calling for an HVAC emergency? Well, an HVAC emergency is any situation where you can no longer maintain a comfortable temperature or ventilation in your home or office. Some examples of HVAC emergencies include:

  • Loss of heat during extreme cold
  • Loss of air conditioning during heatwaves
  • Carbon monoxide leaks
  • Unusual sounds or smells from your HVAC system

In a nutshell, if your HVAC system is not functioning correctly and poses immediate hazards, then it is an HVAC emergency and requires immediate attention. Contact our emergency HVAC technicians today!

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