Aire Serv of Killeen Air Quality Services

Fatigue, stuffiness, and illness are common symptoms of poor indoor air quality. If you suspect your home's air is not as healthy as it could be, call on the air quality pros at Aire Serv® of Killeen.

We offer a wide variety of services for maintaining clean, healthy indoor air quality. Our team will test your air, conduct any necessary repairs, and offer customized solutions to make sure your indoor environment stays free of impurities. Trust us to keep the air you breathe fresh and clean.

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Air Purification Services

From comprehensive indoor air quality testing to new HVAC system installation, Aire Serv does it all. Our fully licensed and insured professionals will arrive in branded vans and uniforms to check your current air quality, make recommendations, and fix the problems fast.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Our indoor air quality testing will tell you whether pollution, allergens, or airborne contaminants are present in your home. Then, we'll suggest the best services to keep your air clean and healthy. Our team can clean your ductwork, change filters, and use advanced methods to remove impurities.

All our services meet EPA standards for indoor air quality, providing you with clean and healthy air you can trust.

Installing and Replacing Air Filters

For good indoor air quality, it's important to install air filters correctly and replace them regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer. Our service professionals can install or replace any type of air filter you need, including HEPA, UV light, and electrostatic filters.

Air Quality FAQs

Have questions about our air quality services? Feel free to reach out to us for more information. We're here to help! Here are some questions we're asked most:

What is air quality?

Indoor air quality refers to how clean and healthy the air is within enclosed spaces. Many factors, including ventilation, humidity levels, allergens, and pollutants, can influence it. Maintaining good indoor air quality is crucial for the overall well-being and comfort of people inside the space.

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Why is indoor air quality important?

Poor indoor air quality can cause discomfort and contribute to health problems, particularly asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions. Addressing indoor air quality issues is important for creating a healthy, comfortable environment.

How to test the air quality in your home

While we offer several ways to test indoor air quality on your own, for more accurate results, professional testing from Aire Serv is the best way to assess your indoor air quality.

How to improve indoor air quality

The best way to improve indoor air quality is to call the pros at Aire Serv. We'll test your air and tell you the best ways to keep it clean and healthy.

Count on us to help you breathe easier — book an appointment with Aire Serv of Killeen today!

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