Heater Repair in Rochester

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

Living in Rochester means having to brave frigid winter temperatures. To keep yourself warm, it's important for residents to make sure their heaters are running properly before the snow falls - otherwise you may find yourself battling with Mother Nature this season!

Reasons your heater isn't working may include, but is not limited to:

  • Yellow Pilot Light - With a furnace, the presence of blue is bliss - for if it turns yellow that could spell trouble. A change in color may be indicative of something sinister like carbon monoxide seeping from below and should never be taken lightly! It's important to call an expert as soon as possible so they can investigate before any danger arises.
  • Dirty Filters - Your heater needs attention when its filters are neglected! Dirty or clogged filters will cause your heat exchanger to overheat and shut down, as well as weaken airflow. A little tender loving care could be just what's needed for a long-lasting heating system.
  • Weak Airflow - Poor circulation can cause overheating issues. If a heater is blowing nothing but cold air, it could indicate inadequate airflow due to thermostat troubles or clogged ductwork - an all-too common consequence of dirty filters.

At Aire Serv of Rochester, we understand that your heater is a precious asset - and repairs shouldn't have to break the bank. With competitively priced repair services, our licensed HVAC professionals are equipped with years of experience in both gas and electric heaters; ready for anything from minor issues to complex problems. We will assess all aspects of your heater before presenting you with any feasible options, always making sure you're completely informed about what needs doing!

Is your heater struggling to keep up with the changing seasons? Contact us today for reliable and trusted repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do heaters last? - Depending on its use, regular maintenance can keep a heater alive up to 20 years. However, after 15 it's wise to replace an old unit that may be costing you more than necessary in energy consumption.
  • Are heater tune-ups necessary? - Regular maintenance of your home's heater can be a lifesaver! To stay on top of any potential issues, it is best to schedule an annual tune-up prior to the start of fall. This ensures that you and your family have peace-of-mind during those cold winter months!

Heater Repair Services Near You

Keep your home cozy and comfortable year-round by having one of our licensed technicians service your heater annually. Trust in their expertise to promptly address repair needs and ensure the best possible performance from your heating system!

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No need to worry in the face of a broken heater during Rochester’s cold winters - our local pros are always ready with vast experience and expertise. Whether it be an unresponsive thermostat, chilly air flow or even just flickering pilot lights, they'll have your heating system up and running again before you know it!

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