Furnace Tune Ups: Everything You Need to Keep Your Dallas Home Warm

An interior view of a residential furnace in Dallas as it is being serviced with an annual furnace tune up.

Dallas might be warmer than many communities, but most homes and businesses in Dallas and the surrounding areas still need a reliable source of heat during winter. For many property owners, that means having a furnace that you can depend on when cold weather comes around. In order to keep that system running and reliable, it's important to keep up with routine maintenance by scheduling a Dallas furnace tune up each year.

Heaters don't last forever, and each year that they're used to keep your property warm, their parts gradually wear down. Over time, that wear becomes worrying problems—problems that can be avoided or mitigated with a regular Dallas furnace tune up from a qualified expert.

If you need a Dallas HVAC company, you can always rely on the team of knowledgeable professionals at Aire Serv of Dallas. We're here to make sure you don't fall behind on necessary maintenance by providing all the information you need about getting a Dallas furnace tune up, so that you can always rest comfortably knowing that your heater won't fail when you need it most.

What Does a Dallas Furnace Tune Up Include?

When you hire a team of HVAC service professionals for a furnace tune up, they'll inspect all the essential, major components and parts of your system. That inspection is an important step in any maintenance service, and it helps your HVAC professionals provide the repairs and services you need to get every benefit that comes with annual maintenance.

After that initial inspection is complete, your HVAC service professional may perform one or several basic repairs to ensure that your system is running at its maximum efficiency. Your service professional may also advise that you get other major heating repair services if they find any serious issues during their inspection.

Your Dallas Furnace Tune Up May Include:

  • Lubricating motors and other moving parts

  • Inspecting and replacing fan belts

  • Tightening electrical connections

  • Inspecting your heat exchanger

  • Testing your exhaust system

  • Testing carbon monoxide levels and checking for gas leaks

  • Cleaning burners

  • Combustion analysis

  • Testing and adjusting your gas pressure

  • Checking fuel lines

  • Cleaning your condensate drain

  • Cleaning the unit

  • Changing your furnace filter

  • Testing and calibrating your thermostat

How Long Does a Furnace Tune Up Take?

Most Dallas furnace tune ups require between an hour to two and a half hours to complete. However, the exact amount of time required for your maintenance could vary depending on the location, age and condition of your current unit. If your unit is relatively new, clean and not in need of any additional repairs, then the time required could be less than usual. If the opposite is true for your system, more time may be required.

How Much Does a Dallas Furnace Tune Up Cost?

The exact cost of your Dallas furnace tune up will vary based on both the type of system you have—gas or electric—and the repairs required to ensure efficient, safe operation. If additional parts or repairs are needed, such as a replacement blower motor, then your costs will also vary.

It's difficult to provide a reliable estimate without first taking a close look at your system and speaking with you directly. At Aire Serv of Dallas, we provide upfront, honest pricing for furnace tune ups, so you always know exactly what will be required to maintain the proper operation of your property's heating systems.

Can I Do My Own Annual Tune Up in Dallas?

For most types of regular furnace maintenance and repair, it's best to call a qualified, licensed HVAC service professional with the training and expertise to provide effective maintenance without causing accidental damage. However, there are some basic maintenance tasks that anybody in Dallas can complete on their own.

Cleaning away dust and debris from the surface of your vents will ensure that your system does not send any irritating particles into your air. You can also check the air supply ducts outside your home or business to ensure that they are clean and clear.

Replacing your air filter is another key part of any Dallas furnace tune up that you can complete yourself. Simply locate your existing filter, which should be accessible from the side of your unit near its return vent, note the direction of the arrows that indicate air flow, and replace it with a new filter that matches the size of your current filter.

It's important to ensure that the replacement filter you buy is the same size as your current filter—indicated by the markings on the side—and that you install it facing the same direction as your current filter. Improper replacement could lead to lower overall efficiency and costly repairs.

How Often Should You Get a Furnace Tune Up in Dallas?

You should get a furnace tune up in the fall or early winter each year, especially if your system is old. Getting that annual service will ensure that you aren't surprised by any unexpected issues or undetected problems during the coming winter months.

Do You Need an Annual Winter Furnace Tune Up in Dallas, TX?

While furnaces and other heating systems in Dallas might not run as hard as they do in colder regions, it's still important to complete maintenance each year. Not only will that regular service reduce your risk of experiencing future issues, but it will also extend your current system's lifespan, which will help you avoid needing Dallas furnace replacement services for longer.

How Do You Know If You Need a Dallas Furnace Tune Up?

If it's been over one year since your last appointment with an HVAC service professional and cold weather is on the way, then you should consider scheduling an appointment for a furnace tune up.

Of course, there are also specific warning signs that indicate something could be wrong with your heater. If you see any of those signs at any time, the best response is to call a qualified expert for Dallas furnace repair services—before those minor issues become major inconveniences.

What Are the Warning Signs for Furnace Repairs?

  • Your heat won't turn on

  • Your heat runs constantly

  • Your pilot light is out

  • Your pilot light is yellow instead of blue

  • There are loud, strange noises coming from your vents or heating system

  • Your system does not provide adequate heat

  • Your energy bills are unusually high or have been increasing for no reason

Will Getting a Dallas Furnace Tune Up Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

Your heating system does have a direct connection to your indoor air quality (IAQ), and it is possible that dust or debris trapped in your air filter or other parts of your system could be expelled out of vents and into your air. If that's the case, you may notice that your home or business fills up with dust quite quickly—or that the air feels particularly dry.

While a basic tune up could improve your indoor air quality if the issue is related to a dirty filter, there may be more extensive repairs or services needed to resolve issues with your IAQ. Dry, dusty air could also be related to poor airflow as a result of a faulty blower motor, or issues with your air ducts—which require more specialized services.

At Aire Serv of Dallas, we offer many services to help improve your overall indoor comfort. If you find that there are issues with your indoor air quality, we can perform inspections and provide solutions to resolve those problems. We're experts in everything from furnace tune ups to Dallas duct cleaning.

Why Is it Important to Get Regular Maintenance for Heating Systems?

To Prevent Breakdowns

Over time, all HVAC equipment develops small issues from regular use. If those issues aren't addressed, they will get worse. Eventually they could cause breakdowns that force you to get major repairs and could even force you to replace your HVAC equipment before it would have otherwise been necessary. Regular maintenance prevents those common issues from becoming major problems.

To Ensure That You Are Compliant with Your Warranty

Routine maintenance is a requirement in many manufacturer warranties for furnaces and other HVAC systems. Whether you have a conventional gas-powered furnace or a ductless heat pump, it's important to ensure that you always get the maintenance and repairs required under your warranty. If you fail to do so, you may be forced to pay for future repairs that would have been covered by your warranty.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Dallas Furnace Tune Up Services?

Achieve Maximum Efficiency and Improve Performance:

The more efficient your heater is, the better it will be at making you comfortable. When little problems start adding up, your unit will start struggling, making it less efficient and less reliable for meeting your needs. Routine Dallas furnace tune ups will ensure that your property is always comfortable and warm during the colder months of the year.

Complete Timely Heater Repair Jobs:

An annual appointment with your HVAC service professional also gives you the opportunity to identify and fix unaddressed issues before they cause serious problems. Completing an annual Dallas Furnace tune up will help ensure that any issues with your system are fixed well ahead of the winter season.

Avoid Needing Emergency Heat System Repairs:

When small problems with your heating system aren't addressed, your risk of a sudden emergency increases. Even small efficiency issues could eventually lead to a complete breakdown because reduced efficiency is usually related to failing or faulty parts.

When breakdowns do happen, they often occur on a particularly chilly winter night. That's because the increased demand created by extremely low temperatures or storms causes systems that are already struggling to break completely. If you get an annual Dallas furnace tune up, you won't ever have to worry about being left without heat on a cold winter night.

Reduce Month Bills with Higher Energy Efficiency:

Efficiency has a direct connection to your utility bills when it comes to HVAC equipment. Units that run at their maximum efficiency use less power to warm your property, which means that you pay less on your monthly bills. Unfortunately, that equipment efficiency relationship runs both ways. That means you could also end up paying more to power systems that are struggling. With a professional Dallas furnace tune up, you can enjoy the lower costs that come from high efficiency HVAC performance.

Can I Get Preventive Maintenance for My Air Conditioning at the Same Time as a Dallas Furnace Tune Up?

The most common time to schedule routine repairs for an air conditioning system is during the spring, before the hot weather arrives, but it may be possible to complete maintenance for your entire HVAC system during a single visit. It all depends on whether the same HVAC service professionals that complete your Dallas furnace tune up are able to complete repairs for your air conditioning system as well. At Aire Serv of Dallas, we provide a wide range of HVAC services that includes Dallas air conditioning repair.

Do You Need a Dallas Furnace Tune Up?

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