Dallas Air Purifier Installation

Every home requires clean air to breathe. While you heavily rely on your furnace filter or AC filter to trap all the pollutants during the conversion process, you can’t expect it to control the number of indoor air pollutants as much as an air purifier. Dallas homeowners who rely on their HVAC systems will get the best results with windows closed. But not many people are aware that despite their desired indoor temperature, the air inside can be more polluted than outside unless you have a dependable air purifier.

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Dallas HVAC service professionals at Aire Serv of Dallas provide air purifier installation on a regular basis, whether it’s summer or winter. Besides allergies and illnesses, local homeowners have turned to us due to feeling sluggish and unmotivated at home. During our indoor air quality testing services, we often make terrifying discoveries, such as undetected mold, decaying fungi, bacteria, and other toxins and pathogens. Our team of experts has vouched to help our local community stay safe and healthy with air purifiers in Dallas.

How Air Purifiers Work

Are you one of those people who can only handle fresh, clean air as though you were taking a walk in the forest? Like trees, you can emulate this pollutant-absorbing process at home with an air purifier.Dallas property owners with an indoor purification system can count on its highly-effective filters to sanitize the air they breathe. Therefore, filters inside a purifier are often called air sanitizers because they work a lot differently than standard HVAC filters.

Any harmful particles that are floating in your home may carry volatile organic compounds (VOC) that could potentially make you sick. Although some airborne pollutants will be sucked toward your AC or furnace filter, many will still remain in your living space, even worse, if you neglect your routine air duct cleaning services.

However, there are a number of different air purifier installations to choose from, depending on the type of particle you want to remove and control or merely regulate and neutralize.

What To Expect From Your Dallas HVAC Service Professional:

When you hire our air purifier Dallas services, your HVAC technician will visit your home for an in-depth consultation and inspection service, during which an air quality testing service will take place. Depending on their findings, a list of options will be provided, along with our best recommendations. Once we have come to a mutual agreement, we will write up the estimate, detailing the choice of air purifier installation, labor, and, if applicable, any other preparatory work that needs to be completed before our professional installation service.

Why Hire Aire Serv of Dallas For Air Purifier Installation?

Your local Dallas HVAC technicians have been serving the locals of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex for many years, delivering high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Not only is our local team your ultimate cooling and heating experts, but Aire Serv of Dallas also provides you with additional services to promote healthy indoor environments, and that includes protecting you from indoor air pollution.

Each technician on our team is fully licensed, trained, and background-checked, bringing an average of ten years of experience in providing exceptional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services that are vital for homeowners’ well-being in Dallas.

Not only do we know our climate the best, but we’re also familiar with typical HVAC problems that Dallas people deal with and are here to help you eliminate them. From furnace breakdown to AC replacement. Our trusted maintenance services like furnace tune-ups and air conditioning repairs are designed to help you stay on top of your HVAC system. We’ll also go the extra mile to make your indoor air cleaner by offering the installation of an air purifier.

Dallas HVAC service professionals are as transparent as they can be which is why we put a strong emphasis on no overtime charges and only offer upfront costs with no surprises on your estimate. All of our services are backed by our done-right guarantee which includes labor and parts.

Give our friendly customer service reps a call now to learn more about Anytime Services and Advantage Plans or schedule a consultation with one of our Dallas HVAC pros!

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Purifiers in Dallas

It’s never too late to add an energy-efficient system to your home that will improve your lifestyle, but we understand it can be a big investment if you decide to install a home air purifier system versus purchasing a simple, portable air purifier. To help you facilitate your decision-making process, your local Dallas HVAC technician has answered some frequently asked questions from our local community.

Is Air Purification Worth The Money?

If you are highly sensitive to airborne particles and contaminants, the answer is yes! Sometimes, larger particles like pet dander, liquid droplets (from high humidity), and dirt may be irritating to your eyes, skin, or nose. Before you think it’s merely a seasonal allergic reaction, our Dallas HVAC technicians warn that it could be something more serious like undetected mold growth. Whether you’re dealing with particulate matter or other gaseous pollutants, with an efficient air purifier, Dallas homeowners can benefit from an uncompromised, healthy environment at home.

Do I Opt For a Whole House Air Purifier or Portable One?

Either one will greatly benefit you and your family. When you hire our Dallas HVAC professionals, we’ll walk you through the whole process, including the pros and cons of various air purifier installation systems for your specific living space. By measuring your home’s square feet, we’ll be able to help you figure out the efficiency and ensure that your system doesn’t produce ozone as that is a problem with some types of air purifiers that do not have a necessary HEPA filter.

Generally, a whole house system will benefit a larger household where you have people in various rooms. That system can cover more square footage and benefit everybody.

However, if your living space is smaller and there are way fewer people in your household, you would benefit from portables. It’s easy to simply unplug and move them to different areas in your house

Where Is The Best Place In The House For An Air Purifier?

Dallas homeowners who have a portable system should place it near their breathing space. Depending on the size, you could even place it on your nightstand or next to your bed when you go to sleep. Medium-sized portables that you typically put in a room should be placed next to your couch, desk, or dinner table, wherever you are spending the most time of your day. The closer your air purification system is to your head, the less travel it takes for clean air to reach you.

You can also put your portable in front of a window or entryway where there is generally more air flow. It actually requires some energy for your unit to lift dust and other particles. When there is enough air flow, the overall distribution process will be made a lot easier.

What Are The Disadvantages Of An Air Purifier?

Dallas homeowners that we have served have told us about one pet peeve about their purification system—namely, maintenance. Whether you opt for a whole-house or a portable unit, it’s recommended that you mark a date for maintenance services.

Whole-house systems are duct-based and a part of your overall HVAC system, except that your purifier’s duct path is arranged differently. The more specific the HEPA filter demand, the more complex the installation and maintenance services are because some units have a two- or three-stage HEPA filtration system.

As a rule of thumb, mark in your calendar when you need a replacement filter for your portable unit and while performing the replacement, use a vacuum cleaner to suck out any dust and debris and use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down the interior surface areas.

For a whole-house unit, we strongly recommend hiring your local Dallas HVAC service professional to provide you with the best cleaning and inspection services.

Besides maintenance, one last disadvantage is that your windows should be closed when a purification system is in use. But that's naturally the same requirements as operating an air conditioner or furnace during peak season.

What’s The Difference Between Carbon Filter And HEPA Filter?

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Both filters are designed for different purposes. Carbon filters contain activated carbon that filters gas, smoke, odors, and other impurities like microbes. On the other hand, HEPA filters reduce particulate pollution by removing dust, pollen, mold spores, and microscopic particles that include some viruses. It is recommended to replace your carbon filter every three months, whereas HEPA filters should be replaced at least once a year.

Ideally, you get a system that contains both filters because combined, they will effectively and efficiently improve your indoor living environment.

Can You Leave Air Purification Systems On 24/7 A Day?

It’s not uncommon for Dallas homeowners to do that as long as they have an ozone-free unit with reliable HEPA filters and that includes your whole-house system. Remember to give it a monthly clean with a vacuum cleaner and check the filters for particle levels during peak seasons. For a more reliable checkup, your local team of professionals are at your disposal!

How Do I Know If My Purification System Emits Ozone?

Check if your system uses a HEPA filter, if not, it likely produces ozone which you should be able to smell. The smell has been described as pungent like an antiseptic. If you don’t have a strong sense of smell, you might experience respiratory problems because ozone is also a lung irritant and can cause various inflammations. If you have an existing unit that you would like to have inspected or even optimized or replaced, your Dallas HVAC technician is happy to help!

Need Efficient Air Purifiers? Dallas HVAC Service Professionals Have You Covered!

Are you ready for cleaner air at your home? No matter what season, there will always be some kind of pollutant in your living space that your AC or furnace filter won’t be able to trap or remove. Let’s put an end to that! Whether you are in Dallas or a surrounding area, such as Richardson, Allen, or LasColinas, our talented HVAC service professionals are ready to install the necessary air purifiers in Dallas homes to promote a healthy indoor living space.

Call to find out more about air purification systems or inquire about our heat pump and general HVAC maintenance services.

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