Dallas HVAC Replacement Service

As your HVAC system is likely your home’s primary energy user in Dallas, HVAC replacement services are a fairly common request. Whether your system is reaching the end of its lifespan or has been poorly serviced and maintained, restoring its original functions is crucial. As human beings, we need a balanced temperature and clean air to thrive.

When you need professional HVAC replacement in Dallas, your expert team at Aire Serv of Dallas is at your disposal. We know our climate and unexpected weather patterns and are here to protect our local community from unbearable heat waves and unforeseen cold snaps. Hire your local Dallas HVAC service professional today to schedule an in-home inspection or keep on reading to learn more about finding HVAC replacement near me.

A woman speaking with an HVAC service professional about whether her outdoor AC condensers need HVAC replacement in Dallas, TX.

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About Dallas HVAC Replacement Services

If you ever wonder when your system is due for a Dallas HVAC replacement, it will strongly depend on the amount of maintenance your current unit receives. It may also vary from brand to brand, depending on the user’s instructions which are important to follow, so any existing warranties remain valid. But the ultimate decision maker is your HVAC’s age. If it’s older than 10 years and is showing decreased efficiency despite costly repairs, you will know it’s time.

While we work hard to push preventative maintenance services forward to help prolong a unit’s lifespan, there are other reasons why it may be time for an HVAC replacement. Dallas service technicians at Aire Serv specialize in all levels of replacement services.

Air Conditioning Replacement

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Alt: Four outdoor AC condenser units operating outside of a home after they’ve been installed with HVAC replacement services.

Air conditioning systems require regular service that includes filter cleaning or replacement. It’s also important to clear the condensate drain and properly winterize the exterior condenser unit. Annual routine maintenance from a professional is also recommended to ensure your evaporator coils and condenser coils aren’t clogged and that the air conditioner is not leaking any refrigerants.

Since air conditioning units are used most often in North Texas, they also contribute the most to the need for Dallas HVAC replacement. You can rely on our expertise and knowledge to replace the following AC types:

  • Central Air Conditioning: A central AC system usually shares the same air ducts as the furnace and supplies the entire home with cooled air.
  • Ducted Splits: Ducted systems don’t need ductwork and are an ideal option to cool designated areas. They are energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  • Window AC: A window AC filters and converts exterior air into cooled air and is preferred to cool a single room only.

Any air conditioning system will need a replacement if it has reached its life expectancy or has received multiple unsuccessful AC repairs. Once we have determined that your system is irreparable, and you’ve confirmed our Dallas HVAC replacement service, we’ll go ahead to remove and dispose of the old unit and help you with a new air conditioning installation to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Heating Replacement

A large, new heating system installed in a home’s attic with Aire Serv’s hvac replacement services.

Heating systems require just as much routine maintenance as ACs. With how inconsistent the winter temperatures are in North Texas, it’s imperative that you take the necessary measures to maintain your heating system. Minor heater repairs may recover your HVAC’s functions, but if essential parts are affected, or it’s close to reaching its life expectancy, you won’t be able to get away from an HVAC replacement.

Dallas has short winters, but they can be life-threatening if temperatures drop below zero and unexpected snow storms are on the radar. When you hire our efficient HVAC repair services, we’ll help you determine whether you are due for a heating replacement. Heating systems that we handle include:

  • Furnace: While gas-powered furnaces are the most common, we also bring the required knowledge of handling electric and oil furnaces. Furnaces can last for over 10 years if you schedule routine furnace maintenance services with an experienced professional. Furnace repairs are also common if your system doesn’t receive the required maintenance. But if frequent repairs don’t bring you long-term savings and comfort, our Dallas HVAC replacement technicians make that happen!
  • Heat pump: Heat pumps have gained popularity in recent years because they are more environmentally-friendly. The two main types include air-source and geothermal heat pump. While the former draws outdoor air and converts it into heated air, the latter draws heat from underground.
  • Boilers: Heating a home with a boiler is more common than people think. A boiler is a great energy saving unit and has a lower operating cost than other heaters. It heats up water and sends either heated water or steam throughout a home via radiators. When it cools, it will reheat the water and redistribute it. Leaks and rumbling rounds coming from the tank are signs it needs repair or replacement.

To help you save money and increase your home’s overall comfort, a heater replacement is the best long-term option. Feel free to contact our experienced technicians for more information.

Other HVAC Replacement Services

Not only heating and cooling systems constitute HVAC, but they are also connected to a list of other significant elements.

  • Air ducts / air vents: Your air ducts are the metal tubing system that connects your HVAC to your air vents. If well-maintained with periodic inspection and air duct cleaning, they may last you over 10 years. It’s important that any duct leaks are addressed and repaired before they cause serious damage.
  • Thermostat: This may not be as self-explanatory as it may seem. Often, homeowners notice temperature fluctuations and increased energy costs and believe there’s an interior fault within their HVAC. But in fact, the problem is a defective thermostat that needs to be replaced. Surprisingly, it also has a lifespan of 10 years. Before you suspect a forthcoming system failure, try calibrating your thermostat or hire a professional technician for a thermostat replacement.
  • Whole-house fans: If standing fans don’t do the job for you, you likely have a whole-house fan system to help circulate air throughout your home. They are generally less expensive than central air conditioning units and can help promote decent indoor air quality.

Why Hire Aire Serv of Dallas For Expert Dallas HVAC Replacement?

As your locally-owned and operated business, we are committed to providing our local community of Dallas, TX and nearby neighborhoods with exceptional customer service and guaranteed workmanship, going above and beyond to meet your needs and ensure you’re safe and comfortable.

As a proud member of Neighborly’s highly-ranked home service providers, we are committed to the Done Right Promise and will not rest until safety and comfort are restored for many years to come.

Upfront Pricing

We believe in transparency, not hidden costs. In order to create a transparent cost estimate for our customers, we provide a no-obligation inspection service during which we take note of any underlying issues and repair needs, as well as recommend the best course of action. This way, you won’t ever encounter any unexpected costs

24/7 Emergency Services

When your air conditioning system breaks down during a heat wave, AC repair can’t wait. The same applies to a furnace breakdown when the city is experiencing a cold snap. Dallas HVAC replacement services are available at night, on the weekends and holidays. What makes our emergency services more attractive is that we do not charge any overtime fees, especially not when your safety is on the line.

Expert Service Professionals

We only hire professionals that are background-checked, licensed, and fully insured. They are friendly and respectful by nature, always bringing a positive attitude to any task assigned. Expect our uniformed local pros to arrive at your property on time in a marked HVAC company van, equipped with professional tools and expertise to get down to work.

Advantage Plan™

When you become part of our Advantage Plan, you will immediately receive a preferred customer status who gets priority scheduling. You’ll receive discounted rates on your regular maintenance and tune-up services, as well as a bronze level buying power over Neighborly’s other home service providers.

Dallas HVAC Replacement – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Dallas HVAC Replacement Cost?

It’s difficult to put a price on HVAC replacement because prices are highly dependent on unit size, brand, and various other details. Perhaps you want to upgrade from a boiler to a gas-powered furnace rather than sticking to your current heating system. Or may want to change from a gas furnace to a heat pump. These cases involve a lot of additional installation costs.

We understand that HVAC replacement in Dallas is a huge investment. In order to pursue transparency and build a strong relationship with our clients, we recommend scheduling a one-on-one consultation and inspection service with our Dallas HVAC service professionals. This way, we can sit down, map out your plans, and answer any questions that you may have. Furthermore, we’ll be able to write up a detailed cost estimate, so you’ll know exactly how much the replacement will cost without having to worry about any unexpected charges.

Should I Replace My 20-Year-Old HVAC?

Yes! Although your HVAC might deserve an award for being one of the longest lasting units! Our local experts will have great interest in studying that system and learn about its previous maintenance and repair services. We’d be interested in knowing whether you’ve experienced any changes in your monthly energy costs due to decreased efficiency. Often, heating repairs or AC repairs and parts replacements are fairly common as a unit ages. But if your HVAC has lasted you up to 20 years, you are lucky that it hasn’t failed you. Your Dallas HVAC professionals are happy to run a detailed diagnostic before providing you with HVAC replacement options.

Will Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Dallas HVAC Replacement?

As far as we know, it will not. However, your home insurance may cover certain repairs that were caused by unexpected incidents, such as heavy rainfall, fire, or vandalism. But insurance companies typically don’t cover general repairs or replacement. That said, we highly recommend that you keep your warranty papers in a safe place, so you can always turn to the manufacturer in case you experience problems within the warranty period despite following user guidelines.

How Long Does Dallas HVAC Replacement Take?

As long as you are replacing your furnace and air conditioning unit with the same type, it will take eight hours to a day. However, when you upgrade from one type to another (for example, from boiler to a gas furnace), it could take two days.

Does an HVAC Replacement Come With a New Thermostat?

That’s a good question because thermostats aren’t always included. It will depend on your new HVAC unit, as some have a built-in thermostat. If not, it’s highly recommended that you upgrade your thermostat to align with your new energy-efficient HVAC replacement. Dallas technicians will also remind you of it.

What Time of the Year Is Best For Dallas HVAC Replacement?

The best time is during off-season, such as spring and fall when you either get ready for the forthcoming heat wave or winterize for a potential polar vortex. Say, between March and May or between September and November, you should schedule an inspection or maintenance appointment with your HVAC professional. That’s when many property owners in Dallas search for HVAC replacement near me. It’s the best time to determine whether furnace repair or air conditioning repair will bring you long-term benefits or a replacement.

Looking For HVAC Replacement Near Me? Hire Your Local Team at Aire Serv of Dallas!

When it’s time for a new heating and cooling unit, you want to make sure you hire professional installation services that are completed by highly qualified and experienced service technicians. When it comes to HVAC replacements, Dallas property owners need security and the peace of mind knowing that their new unit will perform optimally for years to come.

For that, you can trust our guaranteed workmanship, parts, and excellence. Whether you’re in the heart of Dallas or surrounding areas, including Plano, Allen or Murphy, we invite you to call our friendly office staff at (972) 992-5648! Schedule a convenient appointment or inquire more about our other HVAC services, such as heat pump serviceduct cleaning, or other types of HVAC repair.

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