Heating and Air Repair in Rockwall TX: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you having trouble with your HVAC system and think you may need Rockwall heating and air repair?

Your heating and cooling system is one of the most important parts of your home. Not only does it keep you comfortable and safe, but your HVAC system also works tirelessly to keep your air clean. However, many Rockwall homeowners don’t recognize the signs that they require heating and air repair.

That’s why we put together this blog, so that you can familiarize yourself with the main signs that you require HVAC repairs and learn more about how to take care of your heating and cooling system so that you can avoid heating and air repairs in the future. Continue reading to learn more about our professional insights:

7 Signs You Need Rockwall Heating and Air Repair

Our friendly and qualified Rockwall HVAC technicians are available 24/7 to help you and your family when your AC stops working, your furnace blows out cool air, or you smell rotten eggs in your home. Read on to discover 7 signs that you need our Rockwall heating and air repair services.

1. Your Home is Filled with a Bad Smell

If you smell rotten eggs in your home, this means you have a gas leak. Since natural gas is typically odorless, utility companies and fuel providers put sulfur into the natural gas so that if it leaks Rockwall homeowners will smell it right away.

Gas leaks are very dangerous. If you smell rotten eggs, you might have a gas leak that could cause a devastating fire or explosion. As soon as you smell rotten eggs in your home, open your windows immediately, leave the premises, and call our heating and air repair experts right away.

2. You Hear Strange Noises in Your Furnace

Do you hear banging, popping, thumping, or knocking noises from your furnace? It’s time to call your local heating and air repair expert. While noise coming out of your HVAC system is not a good thing, different noises indicate difference problems:

  • Scraping noises: Scraping noises often mean that part of your furnace has come loose, such as your blower wheel. Loose parts need to be fixed right away by a professional HVAC technician.High-pitched squealing noise: Squealing noises are a sign that part of your furnace has worn out and needs to be replaced. Often, this noise is caused by a malfunctioning blower fan motor.
  • Loud pop or banging noise: If you hear a noise like a small explosion each time the furnace turns on, that’s exactly what is happening—a small explosion caused by a dirty furnace burner. Dirty furnace burners cause issues with ignition, enabling gas to build up that can cause harm to your furnace.

3. Cold Air is Blowing Out of Your Furnace

When you’re counting on your furnace to keep you warm during a brisk Texas night, then you don’t want it to blow out cold air instead of warm air. If your furnace is blowing out cool air when it should be warming up your home, often a dirty air filter is the culprit.

The dirty filter blocks airflow from your furnace’s heat exchanger and causes the furnace to overheat. When your furnace overheats, it trips its high limit switch. This is a safety function designed to tell the furnace burners to turn off to protect the heat exchanger from damage. While this safety protocol is helpful to prevent serious damage to your furnace, it’s also a sign that you need Rockwall heating and air repair services.

4. Your AC Unit is Blowing Less Air Through Your Vents

Have you noticed less air blowing through your vents when you use your air conditioning unit? This is a sign that your AC unit does not have access to free air flow. There are typically two reasons for this problem and can be easily fixed by our professional heating and air repair experts.

Clogged/dirty air filter: The first reason why your AC unit may not be blowing out enough air is because of a clogged or dirty air filter. When an air filter becomes clogged with dirt, debris, or dust, it blocks your AC’s ability to move air through your home.

Trapped animal or nest: The second reason why you may require heating and air repair on account of poor airflow happens when an animal gets trapped or builds a nest in your vent. From time to time, rodents or birds may decide making a home in your air vents is a good idea—much to the detriment of your HVAC system.

5. Your AC Unit is Blowing Out Warm Air

Just like how a furnace blowing out cool air is useless, so is an AC unit that blows out warm air. If you’ve noticed this happening, call the heating and air repair professionals at Aire Serv of Rockwall.

Generally, the reason your AC unit has started blowing out warm air is because its coolant levels are low. Coolant is what enables your AC unit to undergo the chemical reaction that creates cool air.

That said, your air conditioning unit might also be blowing out hot air because there is a coolant leak or due to an issue with the compressor, the outside unit, or return ducts. A professional heating and air repair technician will be able to let you know what the problem is specifically.

6. Your AC Unit Only Runs in Short Spurts

It’s very frustrating when your AC unit continuously turns off and on throughout the day, seemingly at random. This issue can be especially concerning if you have pets, small children, or an elderly person living in your home that relies on the air conditioning system to stay comfortable and healthy. There are a few reasons that could cause your AC unit to cycle rapidly, including:

Low coolant levels in the unit

  • Your thermostat is set too low
  • Your cooling coils have frozen
  • Your water drain line is clogged

One of our Rockwall heating and air repair professionals will be able to narrow down the problem and fix your AC so that you can count on it to keep your home cool once more. Our top priority is keeping you and your loved ones comfortable and safe.

7. Issues with Your Thermostat

Often the culprit behind a malfunctioning AC unit or furnace is actually the thermostat. If you keep setting your temperature to the desired rate and your HVAC system does not respond, then you likely have a problem with the electrical connection between your HVAC system and your thermostat. If you notice damaged or frayed wires near your AC unit, furnace, or thermostat, turn your electricity off and call for Rockwall heating and air repair services right away.

Longevity of Your Heating and Cool System

Both furnaces and central air conditioning systems found in Rockwall and the surrounding areas of Garland and Mesquite should last between 15 and 20 years. The best way to give your home’s heating and air system the longest lifespan possible is through regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning services with a professional HVAC service. It’s best practice to have a professional cleaning and inspection of your heating and cooling system at least once a year.

At Aire Serv of Rockwall, we offer maintenance services for both your AC unit and your heating system. During a routine check-up, our heating and air repair professionals will thoroughly clean your heating and cooling system. Throughout this tip-to-toe cleaning, we will also inspect each part of your HVAC system to look for any signs of damage to prevent the need for costly repairs or replacements in the future.

How to Maintain the Efficiency of Your Heating and Air System

When it comes to preventing the need for heating and air repairs in your Rockwall home, one key aspect is ensuring your HVAC system operates as efficiently as possible. Continue reading to discover a few ways to keep your heating and cooling systems operating smoothly over time:

Regular Maintenance

Scheduling annual maintenance and cleaning appointments for your home’s HVAC system by a trained heating and air repair professional is one of the best ways to prevent costly repairs, emergency situations, and is key for ensuring your system can run as efficiently as possible.

Maintenance is very important for your heating and cooling system since the factors that shorten a furnace or AC unit’s lifespan is often due to dust, dirt, and allergens accumulating within the machine. This build-up affects your furnace’s ability to warm your Rockwall home efficiently and your AC unit’s ability to cool your home correctly. Essentially, maintenance enables your HVAC system to work as it should—rather than trying to compensate due to dirt and buildup in the machines.

Additionally, the parts of your HVAC system can be very delicate and complex to take apart and clean thoroughly. That is why this routine maintenance is best left in the hands of the professional team at Aire Serv of Rockwall.

Age of Your System

As your AC and furnace units age, your HVAC system will work less efficiently over time because these machines are not built to last forever—although they do last quite a long time. As your HVAC system ages, the change in efficiency will impact your energy bill and will cost more in heating and air repairs.

To prevent investing too much in an HVAC system that’s better off getting replaced, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if your system is more than 15-years-old and has had multiple repairs needed over the last two years, it’s time for a new one.

Efficiency Ratings

For most newer heating and air systems, you should be able to see the efficiency rating of your model. The more efficient your model, the longer it will last and the less you will have to invest in heating and air repairs. The typical industry-standard ratings to look out for are as follows:

  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) measures the efficiency by which the cooling process of heat pumps and air conditioners are rated. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the model is.
  • AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) measures efficiency for gas and oil-fired furnaces. This percentage tells you how much fuel is used to heat your home and how much fuel is wasted heating your home. The higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient the model is.
  • HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) measures efficiency for the heating ability of a heat pump. Like the other industry-standard ratings, the higher the number the more efficient the model is.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are an easy, affordable, and reliable way to help your HVAC system be more energy efficient. You can set the thermostat to automatically use less energy when there is no one in your home, or overnight when your family is sleeping. This will enable your units to only work when they have to, reducing wear and tear and subsequent heating and air repairs required for machines that work too hard.

For example, if most of your household is at school or work during the day, then you don’t need your furnace or AC unit running at full blast—even if it is particularly cold or hot outside. Instead, you could set your thermostat to increase or decrease the temperature of your home depending on when your family is actually around. This tool is also helpful to commercial businesses.

Additionally, some programmable thermostats control the temperature of separate living spaces within your home. That way, if your family doesn’t spend a lot of time in the basement, then you don't have to waste energy heating it. Using a programmable thermostat tactfully is a clever way to help your HVAC system work more efficiently and reduce the need for heating and air repairs.

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