Heat Pump Services in the Sioux Falls Area

Heat pumps can serve as both an air conditioning unit and a heater, capable of being used year-round. This eco-friendly, practical choice comes in handy with the changing seasons and temperatures of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Aire Serv of Sioux Empire is dedicated to providing Sioux Falls, Brandon, Harrisburg, Dell Rapids, Tea, Beresford, and the surrounding area with heat pump replacement and installation. Whether you’re looking to install a heat pump for your commercial business or replace an existing unit in your residential home, we’re here to jump into action. Our team of experts is ready to serve you. Call today and prepare to receive legendary HVAC service.

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Outdoor AC units

Types of Heat Pump Systems

  • Air-Source Heat Pumps - These units are built to transfer and concentrate warmth from the air outside and move it throughout the home. They use electricity, but can also generate their own heat.
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps - These systems take out power from the earth and concentrate it to be transferred within a home. The installation process is a touch more intensive for these, yet the operation cost is low because of the use of natural energy.

Heat Pump Installation

The timing of installation depends on the type of unit selected. With air-source units, installation can be performed in as little as an afternoon. Geothermal units require more time, due to their dependence on groundwork. If you’ve selected a geothermal unit, you can expect it to take up to several weeks. Our service professionals will scope out the plot of land and the subsoil before installing the system. Once we have gotten a clear idea of the area and its potential restrictions, we’ll set up an individualized design plan built around your heating and cooling needs.

Heat Pump Replacement

Aire Serv can replace your outdated systems and individual, broken-down parts. If you need to replace filters, refrigerants, or valves, we carry all the necessary parts to get your unit back into good shape. We’ll thoroughly inspect your system and quickly find a solution.

Over the years, all systems will eventually degrade and break down. It may be time for a replacement if you start to notice the following signs:

  • Your system is 10 years or older.
  • You notice any strange or uncommon sounds.
  • Your heating and/or cooling is inconsistent within your house.
  • You’ve had frequent, or very costly, repairs.
  • Your utility bill has increased significantly.

Why Aire Serv?

Aire Serv of Sioux Empire prides itself on its excellent service, great communication, and upfront pricing with no overtime charges. When giving consultations, we’ll walk you through your options, staying transparent with our prices. We will answer any questions or concerns truthfully, giving you a clear idea about the health of your systems. For heating and cooling services, we’re the experts you can trust.
If you find yourself struggling with a heating or cooling emergency, call our 24/7 emergency hotline. Our customer service representatives will set up an appointment as soon as possible, working through weekends and holidays to protect your homes and businesses. Never struggle with unbearable temperatures. Call and schedule an appointment with Aire Serv of Sioux Empire today.

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