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Sump pumps are a valuable tool in keeping your home safe from flooding or leaks. It can be hard to predict when an intense snowstorm or heavy flood can occur - don't take the risk; look into installing a sump pump today! Aire Serv of Sioux Expire provides repair, replacement, and installation to Sioux Falls, Lennox, Hartford, Alcester, and the surrounding cities. Our team of experts can provide inspections, instructing you on the best possible option for your home or business. Our service professionals are eager to meet your needs - set up an appointment with us today!

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What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is an electrical pump drilled through a basement's foundation. It's built to protect homes from flood and water damage and can be located in a "sump pit," which collects water beneath a home's foundation or basement. The system pumps excess water out through a pipe connected to a drain or sewer field, keeping the home dry and flood-free.

Installation & Replacement

Sump pump installation is no DIY procedure and will require the help of a professional. A sump pit must be carefully positioned away from a wall and dug deep enough to accommodate a basin. An Aire Serv professional can help select a model that meets your home's specific layout and proceed to install or replace the desired system. The two types of pumps are submersible pumps and pedestal pumps, both of which can be discussed with one of our experts. By going over the benefits of each, we'll quickly identify which system will best fit your needs and work to install it with precision.


Throughout time, it's expected that a sump pump will experience wear and tear. Four of the most common repair problems include:

  1. Debris in the sump basin. Built-up debris can cause problems to the pump itself, causing it to malfunction or break.
  2. A jammed impeller. Debris that makes its way into the pump can cause the impeller to jam.
  3. A malfunctioning float. The float rises with the water in the basin to trigger the pump to turn on. If the float does not rise properly, the basin is in danger of flooding.
  4. Electrical connection issues. If there are problems with the electrical cord, motor, or GFCI outlet, the pump will not work, causing the basin to flood.

Do I Need a Sump Pump?

If you've experienced basement flooding in the past, you may consider investing in a sump pump. This measure can help protect your home and save you from thousands of dollars in flood damage. If you live in any of the areas listed below, it could be in your best interest to look into sump pumps and their benefits.

Locations of concern:

  • Anywhere near rivers or streams
  • On land with a high water table
  • In climates that experience frequent freeze-thaw cycles
  • On soil that does not drain well
  • In an area where rapidly melting snow and ice are frequent
  • Frequent heavy rainstorms.

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