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7Meet your Neighborly home services experts.

Lee Downing was the Franchisee of the year in 2017!

  • Lee Downing

    Lee Downing


    With over 15 years of HVAC experience, owner, Lee Downing leads his team members with the technical and the business side at Aire Serv of Tipton County. Lee is licensed and bonded as well as certified and trained in the HVAC industry. While striving to satisfy his customers, he strongly believes in treating people right. With a local team of about twenty members, Lee is approachable and will always listen to his team members with any concerns they may have. He leads his technicians by example and is always willing to go to the customer's house or business to assist in a call or to communicate with a customer personally. Hands on management is an asset that he believes in very strongly. Team leadership is exhibited through regular meetings where he opens the floor for discussion so that Aire Serv of Tipton County can better serve the needs of the Tipton County area customers.

  • Jason Pruitt

    Jason Pruitt

    Operations Manager

  • Stacey Pruitt

    Stacey Pruitt

    Office Manager

  • Jackie Howard

    Jackie Howard

    Director of Marketing

  • Carly Murray

    Carly Murray

    Customer Service Representative

  • Jennifer Davis

    Jennifer Davis

    Customer Service Representative

  • Nicole Pike

    Nicole Pike

    Customer Service Representative

  • Brent Helm

    Brent Helm

    Professional Service Technician

  • Gavin Stang

    Gavin Stang

    Professional Service Technician

  • Jacob Blevins

    Jacob Blevins

    Professional Service Technician

  • John Wayne Higdon

    John Wayne Higdon

    Professional Service Technician

  • Johnathon Pepple

    Johnathon Pepple

    Professional Service Technician

  • Landon White

    Landon White

    Professional Service Technician

  • Michael Downing

    Michael Downing

    Professional Service Technician

  • Nate Durham

    Nate Durham

    Professional Service Technician

  • Wesley Durham

    Wesley Durham

    Professional Service Technician

  • Chris Downing

    Chris Downing

    Professional Installer

  • Kevin Griffin

    Kevin Griffin

    Professional Installer

  • Stephen Madunatum

    Stephen Madunatum

    Professional Installer

  • Shan Erickson

    Shan Erickson

    Home Comfort Designer

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    “Jacob Johnson came to service our AC this morning and I was so pleased with the work he did. He is kind and courteous, patient and thorough in explaining the repair needs as well as presenting the options for repair and maintenance. I will definitely be”

    - MJW