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Meet the team of Tipton County

Lee Downing was the Franchisee of the year in 2017!

  • Lee Downing

    Lee Downing


    With over 15 years of HVAC experience, owner, Lee Downing leads his team members with the technical and the business side at Aire Serv of Tipton County. Lee is licensed and bonded as well as certified and trained in the HVAC industry. While striving to satisfy his customers, he strongly believes in treating people right. With a local team of about twenty members, Lee is approachable and will always listen to his team members with any concerns they may have. He leads his technicians by example and is always willing to go to the customer's house or business to assist in a call or to communicate with a customer personally. Hands on management is an asset that he believes in very strongly. Team leadership is exhibited through regular meetings where he opens the floor for discussion so that Aire Serv of Tipton County can better serve the needs of the Tipton County area customers.

  • Stacey Pruitt

    Stacey Pruitt


    Serving as our Chief Operating Officer, Stacey knows Aire Serv backwards and forward. She has served our team, along with our owner, Lee Downing, from the beginning of building the business. Our team members know that she is the go-to person for questions that occur in the office or out on the job. Stacey was recognized as Office Professional of the Year 2016 and she continues her professionalism for our customers each day. The family-based business is where Stacey feels she can do her best job. The employees and the customers are a priority at Aire Serv. She enjoys her husband and children whom she can have fun with while riding their side by side ATV.

  • Jason Pruitt

    Jason Pruitt

    Operations Manager

    As an EPA certified HVAC technician, Jason serves as the Operations Manager on the Aire Serv family team. With customer satisfaction a top priority, Jason works with the team of service techs and installers in training, on the job calls, and to make sure they have the supplies that they need to complete their job most efficiently. Whether it is working with the office staff, the technicians, or with customers, Jason keeps a positive attitude because of the code of values that the leadership of the company lives by. Jason stays active with this wife and children where he loves to hunt, fish, and ride his side by side ATV. 

  • Jackie Howard

    Jackie Howard

    Director of Marketing

    After earning a degree in marketing, Jackie Howard pursued a profession in teaching where she has taught marketing classes to all four levels of high school students for over 20 years. Throughout her years of teaching, she has earned 2 masters level degrees in education. Owner, Lee Downing was one of her students and she is happy to serve as the marketing specialist for Aire Serv. Using advertising strategies, Jackie will continue to help Lee make Aire Serv the best HVAC business in the Mid South.

  • Heather Pool

    Heather Pool


    Serving in our accounting department, Heather comes to Aire Serv with a background in trauma radiology. She enjoys her family where she spends time gardening in the summer. Cross Fit is her game while she enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.  Heather's husband, girls, and dogs keep her busy.

  • Carly Murray

    Carly Murray

    Customer Service Representative

    From a heritage of HVAC technicians, Carly feels right at home working on our Aire Serv team. With over six years of customer service experience, Carly works as our dispatcher and in customer service. She enjoys working for a company who exhibits integrity, which goes right along with the family environment that Aire Serv has with their team members. Carly is dedicated to serving our customers the very best that she can, she is thankful of the team attitude where everyone helps each other, and she enjoys making a difference in our local community.

  • Jessica Barnett

    Jessica Barnett

    Customer Service Representative

    With 9 years of retail experience, Jessica certainly enjoys working with team members who have a goal of customer satisfaction. She loves the positive environment at Aire Serv and looks forward to the opportunities of growth within the company. God and family are important to Jessica and she appreciates an office environment that is team oriented. While serving as an install coordinator, she gets to know all members of the Aire Serv family, as well as many customers. She is working toward her Bachelor's degree in business management and she enjoys taking care of her eight dogs in her time off work.

  • Brent Helm

    Brent Helm

    Service Professional

    Bringing HVAC and Electrical expertise to the team, Brent is EPA and TN Technology certified and serves the Aire Serv team as a HVAC service technician.  With the specialty of service and troubleshooting, Brent enjoys working for Aire Serv where he has the time necessary to work with each customer to do his job efficiently. Gaining knowledge in equipment service and installs, Brent enjoys being part of the Aire Serv team. While working in this family atmosphere, Brent is thankful to God, his wife and children and he enjoys the outdoors, especially hunting.

  • Gavin Stang

    Gavin Stang

    Service Professional

    With almost a decade of plumbing and HVAC experience, Gavin has earned his certified AC/heat pump certification as well as a universal EPA certification. While working as a service technician, Gavin has increased his HVAC knowledge where he can serve the great people of the local community. He believes that Aire Serv is more like a family than just a place to work. He really enjoys being able to help our customers each day.

  • Jacob Blevins

    Jacob Blevins

    Service Professional

    By striving to expand his knowledge each day, Jacob joined the Aire Serv team after serving in law enforcement. Aire Serv is like a family of employees where Jacob is encouraged to do all that he can do to provide for his family and where he strives to serve his customers with the best effort that he can give each day.

  • Johnathon Pepple

    Johnathon Pepple

    Service Professional

    After working in industries for over a decade, Jonathon works as a certified EPA HVAC service technician on the Aire Serv team. The family atmosphere where everyone knows each other is something that Jonathon likes and feels that he can service his customers one call at a time.  The company’s code of values sets the tone where team members have a base to learn the skills necessary to help them grow as a person.This is what helps our technicians help customers more efficiently with their HVAC needs in our local community.  While spending time with his wife and pets, Jonathon also enjoys hunting, fishing, and gaming.

  • Landon White

    Landon White

    Service Professional

    By finding a good company to work for, Landon is starting his HVAC career as a service technician where he helps his fellow Aire Serv team technicians. He is glad that he is led by a team who lives by the company’s code of values and are willing to teach him how to do more and more each day as he works toward certifications. Landon likes to go hunting and fishing. 

  • Lucas Moore

    Lucas Moore

    Service Professional

    Coming to Aire Serv with almost 10 years of working experience, Lucas Moore will be using his HVAC technician experience as he services our customers as a service professional technician.

  • Michael Downing

    Michael Downing

    Service Professional

    Having over 17 years of work experience, Michael serves as the Commercial Service Project Manager on the Aire Serv team. With the goal of helping customers, Michael’s expert service is individualized so that he can provide professional guidance with the HVAC needs of his customers most efficiently.  Through the support of his work family and his personal family, Michael has learned to meet his goals while serving the local community to make them happy as well.  He stays busy with his wife, children, and pets. 

  • Nate Durham

    Nate Durham

    Service Professional

    As a certified AC/Heatpump and certified Universal EPA service technician, Nate enjoys working in his hometown for Aire Serv, where there is a family-like environment.  With a good understanding of the HVAC industry, Nate is glad to provide southern hospitality to the customers. When not serving Aire Serv customers, Nate enjoys riding side by side ATVs.

  • Wesley Durham

    Wesley Durham

    Service Professional

    By finding a good company to work for, Wesley is starting his HVAC career as a service technician where he helps his fellow Aire Serv team technicians. He is glad that he is led by a team who lives by the company’s code of values and are willing to teach him how to do more and more each day as he works toward certifications.

  • Branden Fogle

    Branden Fogle

    Professional Installer

    Branden Fogle serves as a professional installer on the team. He is happy to help people and be a part of a great company where he feels like part of a family with the other employees.

  • Chris Downing

    Chris Downing

    Professional Installer

    As a team member with the goal of helping customers, Chris’ expert service is individualized so that he can provide professional guidance with the HVAC needs of our customers.  Chris has learned to meet his goals while serving the local community to make them happy as well.  He stays busy with his family and pets.

  • Jacob Pike

    Jacob Pike

    Professional Installer

    With 8 years of working experience, Jacob Pike has joined our team as a professional installer. He stays busy with his family, working, riding side by sides and working on his truck.

  • Stephen Madunatum

    Stephen Madunatum

    Professional Installer

    Serving the Aire Serv team as an Installer, Stephen enjoys the family like atmosphere of the employees. Stephen finds value from his other team members where serving customers with their HVAC needs is a top priority for them. The expectation of excellence is expressed to the team members who go to the customer’s homes and businesses where Stephen installs equipment to help the quality of life for his customers, one at a time. With a family of five, he feels that Aire Serv takes care of him with the same values that Aire Serv takes care of their customers. Stephen really enjoys going fishing! 

  • Daniel Jerry

    Daniel Jerry


    With a love of the outdoors and a desire to serve his community, Daniel Jerry enjoys working with our team to help our customers with their HVAC needs. He enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Jack Kelly

    Jack Kelly

    Home Comfort Designer

    With a lifetime of work experience and 5 years in the HVAC industry, Jack is part of the Aire Serv team where he helps customers choose the right system for their personal homes or business. He enjoys the family like atmosphere of the Aire Serv team where there is potential for growth for him professionally, as well as the quality of the attitude of doing what is right the first time.  Integrity on the team and with customers is the favored aspect of Jack's position at Aire Serv. He enjoys time with his wife, daughter, and grandchildren, as well as riding motorcycles in his spare time.

  • Shan Erickson

    Shan Erickson

    Home Comfort Designer

    With over thirty years of work experience in education and management, Shan serves the Aire Serv team as a Home Comfort Designer. His expertise is in new installations and he is happy to work for a company that has a family atmosphere that cares about the customers more than just the air conditioning. Shan strives to continue to meet the customer’s needs while earning a place in the Heavy Hitters Club for Top Sales in the Aire Serv company. With two exceptional adult children and a wife, Shan knows he’s where he’s supposed to be at this time in his life.

  • Christine Ramsden

    Christine Ramsden

    Human Resources Director

    With over 7 years of customer service experience and 3 years in human resources management experience, Christine comes to Aire Serv to help with the management of the employees as the company continues to grow. With her Bachelor’s Degree in Business specializing in Human Resources and her SHRM-CP certification, Christine puts her expertise into practice for policies and procedures while serving as the Human Resources Director. As an important asset to the Aire Serv team, she enjoys working for a family-oriented company that cares for their employees and their customers and Christine is always seeking to help people in any way she can. She is married with two children and in her free time practices MMA and Jiu Jitsu.

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  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating
    “Jacob Johnson came to service our AC this morning and I was so pleased with the work he did. He is kind and courteous, patient and thorough in explaining the repair needs as well as presenting the options for repair and maintenance. I will definitely be”

    - MJW

  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating

    - KJ Beasley

  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating
    “Customer For Life”

    - Jamaica & Laquietta Jackson

  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating
    “Service call follow up”

    - Ruth teegarden

  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating
    “Air Conditioner Service”

    - Daniel H.

  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating
    “Great service! Honorable and community oriented company!”

    - John & Kathy Nickle

  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating
    “Aire Serv”

    - Christopher Gilbert

  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating
    “Great Service; Professional, Courteous Technician”

    - Matthew Stafford

  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating
    “no air,on a hot day”

    - Mike Zelinski