HVAC Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Has your air conditioner been lacking energy efficiency and leaving you with expensive energy bills? Is your furnace unreliable and in need of frequent repairs? The HVAC experts from Aire Serv® will review some of the most common heating and cooling problems and how to resolve them.

Common Problems Affecting Residential & Commercial HVAC Systems

We rely on our HVAC systems throughout the year. As a result, many issues can arise with our heating and cooling systems. Depending on what kind of system you have, you may encounter issues such as duct leaks, a rusted boiler, and equipment failures due to age. Even a small problem, such as a thermostat error, clogged filter, or power outage, can cause cooling or heating loss.

Cooling systems like central ACs, mini splits, window units, and heat pumps can also fail due to refrigerant leaks, coil damage, or compressor issues. Duct problems, old parts, incorrect settings, and lack of maintenance can affect heating and cooling efficiency too. Accidental settings like heating instead of cooling and a blocked or clogged filter can impact your HVAC systems ability to do its job effectively. Fixing these HVAC issues requires regular maintenance and timely repairs to ensure your system continues to operate efficiently for your home and business. If you notice any of these issues or your system hasn't been maintained or serviced within the past year, schedule a service appointment with a local HVAC professional.

Hot & Cold Spots in Your Home or Business

Uneven temperatures, known as hot and cold spots, often result from HVAC issues with airflow or air movement. Depending on your specific setup and situation, you may want to consider a two-stage furnace. Regular furnaces only have two settings: high and off. This frequent switching between on and off can lead to chilly spots, sudden bursts of cold air, and noisy operation.

Another option is to upgrade to a variable-speed blower or heat pump. With this upgrade, the blower or pump can operate at a low setting to efficiently circulate conditioned air, whether it's warm or cool, helping to balance temperatures throughout your home or business.

Implementing a zoning system may also be effective. This system divides your home into different climate zones, each with its temperature settings controlled by a central thermostat. Smart dampers in the ductwork direct conditioned air precisely, saving energy and ensuring consistent comfort.

Sealing leaky ducts can also significantly reduce energy loss, improving overall temperature distribution. Some people opt to install air registers to even out airflow. This strategy allows you to add supply or return air registers in rooms that need better circulation, ensuring a more balanced temperature throughout your home or business.

Unexpectedly High Energy Bills

High energy bills can stem from any of the issues mentioned above, but the most common culprits are aging AC or heating systems and ones that have not been well maintained. Maintenance neglect can cause many issues, especially if you have an older system. Air leaks or poor insulation will also contribute to energy loss and poor efficiency. HVAC troubleshooting can help you understand which elements are leading to your expensive energy bills.

To address these costly bills, you can consider replacing your system. If your AC or heater is ten years old or more, it might be more energy-efficient and cost-effective to upgrade. Modern systems offer better comfort and efficiency, often leading to immediate and long-term savings. Consult a professional to perform HVAC diagnostics and determine if a new system is a wise investment.

In lieu of a full replacement, aim to fix air leaks, seal ducts, and add insulation to enhance efficiency and energy conservation. Have an HVAC service assess your home or business for energy efficiency. They'll identify hidden air leaks, insulation gaps, and airflow problems, giving you a personalized plan to boost energy efficiency, comfort, and savings. You may be able to handle some of the suggested repairs and let your service professional take care of the rest.

Start Improving Energy Efficiency and Saving Today!

Regular HVAC maintenance will keep your system running efficiently and save you time and some headaches in the future. Your local Aire Serv team is trusted by homeowners and businesses nationwide for quality, reliable HVAC service.

Our professionals have all the experience and expertise you expect from a respected name in HVAC service. Our national reputation also comes with the honesty, responsiveness, and friendly service you expect from a local business.

We are happy to take care of all your heating and cooling system needs. Our work is backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise, which ensures your satisfaction. Request an appointment online today!

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