Air Filter Replacement

Guide to Replacing Your Air Filter

When the temperature starts rising, you and your family rely more and more on the air conditioner to keep you cool. Forgotten filter maintenance is one of the top reasons for poor AC performance. The right approach is to be proactive about your AC care, so that at peak usage, the unit is performing at top capacity. If you haven’t thought about filter replacement for a while, don’t put it off any longer. Our AC and heater repair experts at Aire Serv® explain how it’s done.

Why Does Filter Replacement Matter?

The air handler is going to pull air into the unit whether the filter is dirty or not. The question is: How hard are you going to make it work? The job of an AC filter is to remove debris from the air before it enters your system. When things clog up, the unit pulls that much harder and uses more energy—causing a substantial rise in the electric bill. Dirt in the filter also shortens the life of your air conditioner because dirt pulls into the inner workings of the unit. The strain on the fan and motor from the increased effort will take its toll, as well.

Filter Replacement Helps Combat Allergies

For families plagued by allergies, changing the AC filter is one way to improve the air quality in your home. All the dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens that a clean filter traps are getting through the dirty one. Air conditioners pull air in from outside the house, as well. Even outdoor pollutants and pollen are potential risk factors when the filter clogs. For people with sensitive allergies, it is necessary to use a clean high-efficiency filter to remove spores from the air, too.

Tips & Tricks for Filter Replacement

Here are our top tips and tricks for replacing your filter:

  • Check the service manual to see the proper filter size and style. Write this information down, so that when you shop for filters you have it handy. The wrong size filter reduces its effectiveness.
  • When you filter shop, buy them by the case or stock up for several months. Find a convenient storage area nearby to make changing the filter a breeze. Pet owners should plan to change the AC or heater filter more often, perhaps twice as often for longhaired breeds.
  • Pay attention to the arrow markers on the filter. This indicates what direction to install the units. Putting the filter in wrong affects the airflow into the system. Write the date on the filter in pen. This provides a reference, so you know when it was last changed.

How Do I Find the Filter?

Filter location will depend on the type of AC unit in your home, but look for the place it pulls in air. For a window appliance, it will be under the grill. For a larger central unit, look at the return air shaft, possibly somewhere near the thermostat. Just pull the grill off and pull out the filter. For apartments, the filter slides into the front of the AC or heater unit.

Download our Air Filter Replacement Checklist

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