Ceiling Fan Direction

It’s no secret that ceiling fans make your home more comfortable in the summer, but did you know that holds true for winter, too? Adjusting the direction of its spin takes your ceiling fan from a summertime treat to a year-round necessity.

Read on to learn when and how to change your ceiling fans’ direction each year.

What Is a Ceiling Fan Direction Switch?

A ceiling fan direction switch or control adjusts the spin direction of a ceiling fan – clockwise or counterclockwise. Nearly all modern ceiling fans can be adjusted to rotate in the direction of your choice. Most have either a visible switch on the base of the fan or an external control, like a fan remote, with different settings for direction and speed.

Follow our recommendations below to determine which way your fan should rotate:

Should I Have My Ceiling Fan Direction Switch Up or Down?

Adjusting the direction of your ceiling fan creates either an updraft or downdraft. Drafts created by a ceiling fan move stagnant air, displacing either warm or cold air to make the living space below more comfortable.

Set Fans to Rotate Counterclockwise in Summer

As a rule, ceiling fans should rotate “forward,” or counterclockwise, in the summer to create a downdraft. The downdraft pushes air toward the floor, creating a breeze that provides a cooling (wind chill) effect.

Set Fans to Rotate Clockwise in Winter

Ceiling fans used in winter should rotate in “reverse,” or clockwise, to create an updraft that draws cold air up to the ceiling, displacing the warm air there and sending it down.

How Effective Are Ceiling Fans?

Very effective. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the proper use of a ceiling fan in summer may allow homeowners to raise their thermostat setting by up to four degrees without any reduction in overall comfort. Ceiling fans are considerably more cost efficient than conventional air conditioning or heating, meaning that any reduction in the use of HVAC systems in exchange for a ceiling fan will save energy, keeping money in your pocket.

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