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How to Reset Thermostat

From time to time, it may be necessary to reset your home’s thermostat. Resetting your thermostat means you are resetting it to its factory setting, which can help resolve issues with programming, your HVAC system or thermostat connection issues. If you find yourself cranking your air conditioning or heating but can’t seem to get to your ideal home temperature and have it hold, this is another reason to reset your thermostat.

Read on to learn how to reset the four most popular types of thermostats.

Ways to Reset Thermostat

There are a variety of thermostats that have different ways of being reset. For best results, read your thermostat directions. If you do not have these directions, there are online articles and videos to help you find the best way to reset your particular thermostat.

How to Reset Thermostats of All Varieties

Know what type of thermostat you have? Follow these instructions to learn how to reset your home’s thermostat.

1. Programmable Thermostat

Resetting a programmable thermostat requires removal of the batteries or a battery flip-flop. Here are the step-by-step directions:

  1. Turn your thermostat off by switching it to the off position
  2. Open the battery door. If the battery door is on the back, you may need to remove your thermostat from the wall.
  3. Remove the batteries
  4. Insert the batteries backward so the negative sides line up to the positive terminal for five seconds.
  5. Remove the backward batteries and place them in the normal way
  6. Once the display turns on, your thermostat has been reset and you can test if this has fixed your HVAC, thermostat or programming issues.

2. Line Voltage or Low Voltage Electronic Thermostat

To reset a line voltage or low voltage electronic thermostat you have to clean the components and test the different settings. These types of thermostats normally do not have a digital display and are associated with baseboard heating or direct-wired electric furnace.

Here are the step-by-step directions:

  1. Remove the thermostat cover
  2. Clean the inside components gently with a soft brush
  3. Set the thermostat to its lowest cooling setting
  4. Clean the components again with a soft brush
  5. Set the thermostat to its highest heating setting and clean the coil again
  6. Reset your thermostat to its desired setting

3. Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat

Resetting a non-programmable digital thermostat simply requires taking the face off and pressing the reset button for five seconds or removing the batteries for five seconds. After doing one or both of those options, your thermostat should reset.

4. Mechanical Thermostat

To troubleshoot your issues with a mechanical thermostat you must start with taking the cover off and making sure everything is mounted properly and secure inside the thermostat. If everything looks correct, you may need to reset the circuit breaker. You can tell if you have a mechanical thermostat, as these thermostats are non-programmable and need to be set, turned on, and turned off manually. Additionally, they are not battery operated, which is why they require resetting your circuit breaker.

Here are the step-by-step reset instructions:

  1. Turn your thermostat off by switching it to the off position
  2. Find the breaker that powers your HVAC system and turn it off
  3. Wait 30 seconds and turn the breaker back on
  4. Turn your thermostat back on

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