How to Reset Various Thermostats

To reset a thermostat, you first need to know the type you have. After confirming your make and model, follow these instructions for how to reset a thermostat:

Programmable Thermostat:

Programmable thermostats often run on batteries. Changing them out can fix the most common issues associated with these types of thermostats. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Turn your thermostat off by switching it to the off position
  • Open the battery door. If the battery door is on the back, you may need to remove your thermostat from the wall.
  • Remove and replace the old batteries with new ones (make sure to align the positive and negative ends properly).

Once the display turns on, your thermostat has been reset. This should resolve your HVAC, thermostat, or programming issues.

Line or Low Voltage Electronic Thermostat:

Line or low voltage electronic thermostats require regular cleaning of the components. These thermostats don’t have a digital display and are often paired with baseboard heating or direct-wired electric furnaces. Here’s how to reset this type of thermostat:

  • Remove the thermostat cover
  • Clean the inside components gently with a soft brush
  • Set the thermostat to its lowest cooling setting
  • Clean the components again with a soft brush
  • Set the thermostat to its highest heating setting and clean the coil again
  • Reset your thermostat to its desired setting

Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat:

To reset a non-programmable digital thermostat, you’ll need to take the face-off and hold the reset button for five seconds. You can also try removing the batteries for five seconds. Both of these methods should result in a reset thermostat.

Mechanical Thermostat:

To reset a mechanical thermostat, start by removing the cover and ensuring everything inside the unit is securely mounted. If nothing seems out of order, it’s time to reset the circuit breaker. Mechanical thermostats are not programmable and must be manually set and turned on and off. They’re also not battery-operated, which is why it’s necessary to reset your circuit breaker.

Here are the step-by-step reset instructions:

  • Switch the thermostat to the off position.
  • Locate the breaker that powers your HVAC system and turn it off.
  • Wait 30 seconds and turn the breaker back on.
  • Turn your thermostat back on and confirm it has reset properly.

How to Reset a Honeywell Thermostat:

This popular brand of thermostat is very intuitive and simple to reset. Here’s how:

  1. Press the system button
  2. Press and hold the blank box in the center
  3. Press done

How to Reset a Nest Thermostat:

This is a popular thermostat which is quite common in many homes. You can reset your Nest thermostat using these steps:

  1. Press the outer ring of the thermostat for 10 seconds or until the screen shuts off.
  2. Let go of the ring.
  3. Press and release the ring to turn it back on.
  4. When you see the Nest logo, you’ve successfully reset the thermostat.

How to Reset a Carrier Thermostat:

It’s easier than you might expect. Follow these steps:

  1. Select ‘mode’ from the main screen.
  2. Select ‘off’.
  3. Flip the circuit breaker that powers your thermostat to the ‘off’ position.
  4. Wait 30 seconds.
  5. Flip the circuit breaker back on.
  6. Switch the thermostat mode from ‘off’ to ‘auto’, ‘fan’, ‘cool’, or ‘heat’.

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