Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Heater & AC System Trouble-Free

Here are our top tips from the experts at Aire Serv® for maintenance:

  • Change your air filter regularly. Check your air filter every month to establish the proper frequency for air filter replacement, cleaning or replacing the air filter at least every three months. This simple home maintenance task prevents a dirty air filter from forcing your heating and air system to work harder, increasing heating and cooling costs and leading to excess wear and tear.
  • Don’t neglect your outdoor unit. That big metal box outside of your home actually serves a purpose. Make sure your outdoor unit stays clean by clearing away debris such as weeds, plants, leaves, and other trash that can build up around it. Use a soft broom to remove debris that has gathered on the fins, and a hose to wash off the condensing unit every now and then. Blocked airflow reduces the efficiency of your AC and heating system, so don’t take maintenance on your outdoor unit off your home maintenance checklist just because it’s out of sight.
  • Keep supply and return vents clear. Check supply and return vents around your home to ensure they are clear of clutter such as furniture, carpets, pet hair, and any other items that could reduce airflow and make your system work harder.
  • Keep a regular home maintenance schedule. Add caring for your heating and cooling system to your regular schedule of home maintenance tasks. Write tasks on the calendar so they won’t slip your mind during busy periods of life. Your system and your wallet will thank you.

Add Professional Maintenance to Your To-Do List

Schedule an annual professional maintenance visit as part of your home maintenance checklist. Great times to do this include the spring before the heat of the summer set in, or in the fall before temperatures drop.

Professional maintenance prevents future problems and unplanned expenses, and keeps your system operating at peak efficiency by addressing:

  • Refrigerant levels – Refrigerant levels that are too high or too low affect the efficiency and lifespan of your system.
  • Ductwork leaks – Air lost in the duct system due to leaks, holes, and poor connections waste heating and cooling efforts, resulting in higher energy bills and an uncomfortable home.
  • Thermostat function – A properly functioning thermostat ensures comfort and energy savings.
  • System diagnostics – By performing system diagnostics such as verifying airflow through the evaporator coil, ensuring controls are operating safely, and checking the electric control sequence, technicians can ensure your system starts, runs, and shuts off properly.
  • Maintenance needs – With a thorough inspection, maintenance needs such as the cleaning and adjusting of blowers, lubrication of motors, loose connections and electrical issues, plugged condensate drains, and more can be addressed before creating a problem with your system.

We’re Like EMTs for Your HVAC! Call Us Today.

Are you past due for a professional maintenance visit from an AC and heating repair technician? Contact Aire Serv today. Properly maintained systems are up to 25% more efficient than those that have been neglected. Aire Serv is here for you to help you achieve your home maintenance goals, with professional technicians dedicated to the efficient operation of your heating and cooling system.

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