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Is your furnace not working? Don't wait until it's too late. Get your furnace repaired now from the experts at Air Serv of Firsco before a small problem becomes a big one!

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Furnace Repair Services

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What are signs that your furnace needs repair?

Some signs that indicate your furnace may need professional attention include:

  • Decrease in the air temperature coming through the registers,
  • Increase in your monthly energy bills,
  • Strange noises such as banging or rattling coming from the unit excessive dust and debris from the vents and smoke or funny smells emanating from the vents.

Keeping an eye out for these issues can mean the difference between a minor service appointment and a costly emergency repair call.

How do I know when my furnace filter needs to be changed?

Generally, furnace filters should be changed at least every three months or when dirt buildup is visible. If you notice that your system is not running like it usually does, this could be a sign that the filter needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Our furnace repair technicians are available if you have any questions or need professional help with changing the filter or conducting any routine maintenance.

What causes a furnace to stop blowing hot air?

  • A faulty thermostat
  • A blocked airflow path caused by debris or dust
  • Could also be as simple as needing a new filter installed

Whether the issue lies with worn-out parts that need replacing or just an adjustment or realignment, our furnace repair specialist will ensure your warm air is blowing again quickly and easily.

Call our furnace repair technicians or contact us to troubleshoot your warm air.

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