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A malfunctioning air conditioner can wreak havoc on your home, but rest assured that the professionals at ;Aire Serv of Knoxville ;can take care of the problem for you. Our experienced Knoxville AC repair technicians work hard to provide reliable air conditioning repair when you need it most. We're a local company based in Knoxville, with the backing of a national brand.

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Signs That You Might Need AC Repair Services

  • Uneven cooling can often be caused by a dirty air filter or issues with the ductwork.
  • Increased energy bills could be a sign that your air conditioner is not operating as efficiently as it should be. Inefficiency can be caused by many factors like dirty coils or a faulty compressor.
  • Visible ice or frost is usually indicative of a refrigerant leak, which can cause serious damage to the unit if left untreated.
  • Weak airflow could be due to a clogged air filter or dirty coils. It could also be indicative of more serious problems such as leaks in the ductwork or a faulty compressor.
  • Strange noises, like hissing, clicking, humming, rattling, or banging, could mean many different things.

If you notice any of these signs, call Aire Serv of Knoxville. Our Knoxville AC repair experts will work quickly and efficiently to get your air conditioner back and running as soon as possible. All this without breaking the bank.

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Air Conditioning Services We Provide

Whether you need advice on how to upgrade your AC or you require quick and effective repairs, we've got you covered. We can provide services near Knoxville that include:

  • Diagnoses and tune-ups
  • Installations and upgrades
  • System maintenance and cleaning
  • Stopping weird noises or vibrations
  • Stopping refrigerant leaks
  • Restoring power to units
  • Replacing the evaporator coils
  • Repairing or replacing defective fan motors
  • Repairing or replacing defective compressors
  • Clearing clogged condensate drains

Aire Serv of Knoxville is your comfort company. We're proud to serve the people of Knoxville, TN by providing top-notch air conditioning repair solutions. We're available on your schedule, but we also offer 24/7 emergency service because we know that you can't predict a crisis.

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