5 Serious Signs You Need HVAC Repairs in Rockwall

Close-up of air conditioning unit's exposed fan belt.

There are plenty of reasons to go out in Rockwall, like entertainment centers, great golfing, and Myers Park, but all that time out of the house usually ends at home with your feet up. Whether you spend your days out about town or relaxing at home, comfort is always going to be something you expect when you're inside. Both commercial and residential properties rely on HVAC systems for comprehensive comfort at all times, but what happens when your heating unit or central air conditioning starts to falter and fail?

The team of HVAC service professionals at Aire Serv of Rockwall has years of experience completing all kinds of Rockwall HVAC repairs. We do everything from routine maintenance to emergency furnace repairs, which means we've seen systems at all stages of use and seen all the warning signs. Accidents happen, but when HVAC units deteriorate they're usually quick to give you signals that now is the time to contact one of your local HVAC repair companies.

1. Malfunctioning Furnaces

Heat is something everyone always expects to have in Rockwall. Homeowners often forget about their furnace, until it starts demanding their attention. Unfortunately, it's only going to be a certain amount of time before you experience the need for furnace services. That's because most of them only last between ten and twenty years before time takes its toll. Whether you have electric heat, an oil option, or a gas furnace, eventually it's going to need a little help to heat up. Knowing the ways it asks for assistance will ensure that you never need heater repairs to deal with a dying appliance in the dead of winter.

Look for:

  • Constant running
  • Failure to turn on or off
  • Strange noises
  • Pilot lights that go out
  • Gas flames that are yellow instead of blue

2. Broken AC

If you turn down the temperature and nothing happens, that is a sign that your cooling systems aren't running at maximum efficiency. Air conditioning units are victims of the same issues that attack all HVAC appliances. Extended use over long periods of time adds wear and tear that needs to be addressed with annual maintenance. The best time to schedule AC repair is during early spring and late fall, before and after high-use periods increase stress on your unit. There's a long list of things that can go wrong with HVAC systems, but there are some common, easy-to-spot problems that usually require air conditioning repair.

Look for:

  • Units that fail to turn on
  • Nagging noises and vigorous vibration
  • Warm output that should be cool
  • A unit humming while its fan is off
  • A fan running while its compressor isn't
  • Moisture or water around your unit

3. Big Bills

If you have an HVAC problem that needs repairs, it will often be reflected in your monthly energy bills. Problems that go unaddressed lower the efficiency of all the systems that maintain your indoor temperature, and when it comes to quality air conditioning and reliable heating, efficiency is king. The reason that so many homeowners in Rockwall and the surrounding areas of Texas are considering energy-efficient options for their homes is because energy efficiency has a direct relationship to energy costs—the higher it is, the lower your monthly energy bills are going to be.

Any service company will tell you that maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home shouldn't come with unusually high monthly energy bills. An irregular increase that can't be explained by frequent use is a sign that your air conditioning systems are suffering. It won't hurt to have a local expert come out to address the situation.

4. Unexpected Health Issues

Spending any extended amount of time away from home leaves you yearning for its familiar comforts, but what about when your home is the place making you feel sick? Indoor air quality plays an important role in your overall health. When contaminants build up in ducts and air conditioning filters they cause negative health effects that call for HVAC repairs.

Look for:

  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Frequent coughing & sneezing
  • Eye irritation
  • Allergy irritation
  • Worsening respiratory conditions

Air quality solutions are an important part of your HVAC system, and when components like air conditioning filters and ducts get gunked up, it increases the chances of suffering minor irritation and serious long-term illnesses from the effects of poor indoor air quality on human health.

5. Seasonal Signals

Costly repairs for Rockwall HVAC systems are usually the result of increased unit stress from changes in the weather. Rising heat during spring and summer, and cooling temperatures during fall and winter, put pressure on your AC units, heat pumps, and other essential air systems. The best way to avoid surprising situations is with regular maintenance and repairs. Preventive maintenance should be something you get done annually when you feel the summer sun or winter winds on your face.

Repair or Replace?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. Honestly, there isn't one single factor to look for. This decision often comes down to a combination of factors that all have a significant effect on the benefits of HVAC replacement.

Important considerations when deciding to repair or replace:

  1. The age of your unit
  2. The relative cost of either option, including ongoing maintenance
  3. The Rockwall climate

Do You Need Reliable HVAC Services in Rockwall?

Systems always seem to fail at the most inconvenient times. That's why our Rockwall HVAC team is always available to help with a 24/7 schedule that accommodates requests for emergency services and convenient appointment times.

Our experienced service professionals have completed more air repair services than we can count, for both homeowners and business owners. They know the most effective methods for completing HVAC repairs. Our goal is always to help you breathe easy with quality air conditioning and reliable home heating.

For excellent customer service from a premier Rockwall air conditioning and heating company, call, or request an appointment online.