Your Furnace Tune Up Checklist for Rockwall, TX

HVAC technician wearing gloves and protective glasses inspecting inside of furnace.

Do you find yourself leaning back on your couch with a hot beverage on cold days? You most likely think that installing that furnace was one of the best ideas and investments because it’s not only necessary to have reliable heating during the coldest months of the year to stay safe but also comfortable.

While these are high-performance systems, they require periodic maintenance to ensure they continue to deliver the same quality for years to come. The best way to get some peace of mind is to schedule professional furnace maintenance services.

When the time comes for Rockwall furnace tune ups, you can trust the experienced Rockwall HVAC service professionals for high-quality workmanship and excellent customer care. At Aire Serv of Rockwall, we pride ourselves on being a huge part of Rockwall’s community, where we do our utmost best to ensure residents have reliable heating and quality air in their homes. Your safety, comfort and satisfaction are our priority.

Why You Need Furnace Tune Ups

Rockwall, TX, homeowners might forget to schedule their annual furnace maintenance appointment. For this reason, we offer to send customers annual reminders to help you watch over your HVAC system so that it will meet its lifespan without causing any trouble in between. You can rest assured that it will continue to be energy-efficient, saving you money on your monthly utility bills and still circulating warm quality air throughout your home. Let’s look at it in more detail:

Reduce Energy Bills

We are aware that our HVAC system accounts for our home’s biggest expense every month. Plus, it’s inevitable that we spend more money on bills during peak seasons, but it shouldn’t be an excessive amount. This is why it’s important to schedule your Rockwall furnace tune up by fall so you can rely on its peak efficiency.

Minimizes Major Repair and Replacement

Some components suffer from wear over time, and it’s best to have a Rockwall HVAC service professional detect these before you turn on your heating system. Otherwise, certain worn components can worsen very quickly and cause further damage to other parts. Maintenance and small repair or replacement jobs are part of the fine-tuning process to help your heating system start without obstructions or deteriorating parts.

Longevity of Unit

As we have touched upon before, you can prolong your unit’s life expectancy by eliminating any telltale signs of potential damage.

Safer Environment

The majority of HVAC units are connected to gas lines, which is why it’s crucial to have certified service professionals to ensure there are no gas leaks. They can identify any trouble spots immediately and fix them before you encounter any serious problems. Since carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, we recommend placing corresponding detectors on every floor of your home.

Protect Your Warranty

Every furnace installation job should come with a warranty that covers unexpected faults, given that you schedule regular inspections to help keep your warranty intact. Many warranties are limited and require property owners to use their purchased items responsibly and with care.

Checklist: Furnace Tune Ups, Rockwall, TX

The ductwork of a furnace.

There are even more benefits to regular furnace tune ups. Rockwall, TX, residents know that neglected appliances tend to lose efficiency and value as they age, whether corrosion or deposit buildup is the cause of damage. We can’t keep our furnace young, but we can help keep obstructions out of the way, so nothing compromises its performance.

Are you wondering if you need a furnace tune up? Rockwall, TX, is not the coldest Canadian city, but it doesn’t change the fact that regular maintenance is a necessity if we want to lower the risk of any system failures during the winter. If you’re unsure when you last had your HVAC system looked at, here’s a checklist from our expert service professionals to help you determine the state of your furnace:

  • Air filter replacement — This is DIY friendly. You should replace your air filter every three months (or more during peak season) to enhance indoor air quality.
  • Clean burner — Along with the flame sensor, we recommend cleaning and adjusting your burner regularly.
  • Inspect heat exchanger — As an airtight metal barrier between the house air side and combustion side, it heats up as gas travels through it. It’s important to check for leaks or cracks. Keep a carbon monoxide detector nearby.
  • Clean blower compartment — Your furnace draws in dust, dirt and debris, which is why replacing the air filter isn’t enough. We’ll also clean the blower wheels, so that they can rotate flawlessly. Sometimes, they require some oiling.
  • Check electrical wiring — Make sure there are no loose wires or other connections that could potentially cause system failures or even fires.
  • Pilot light inspection — Does your pilot light keep going out? Is it bright blue or yellow? A Rockwall HVAC service professional will inspect it thoroughly and determine whether your pilot light needs more fuel.
  • Inspect duct connections and airflow — If your air registers are dusty, they will reduce airflow. This could lead your furnace to overwork or cycle. Regular duct cleaning could prevent this issue.
  • Inspect thermostat — A faulty thermostat could cause lots of problems and confusion. Rockwall residents don’t often realize it until they see a spike in their energy costs.
  • Clean humidifier — A certain level of humidity adds comfort when you have your furnace on. Depending on the type of humidifier you have (reservoir, steam, etc.), it requires regular cleaning to prevent dirt collection and mold growth.

We hope this wasn’t an exhaustive list of maintenance tasks, but remember that you are not alone with this. Our qualified Rockwall HVAC service professionals are at your disposal when you need some furnace tune ups. Rockwall, TX, has a fairly unpredictable climate, during which you’ll never know when you need a reliable heating system. Whether you need us in the middle of winter or close to the start of summer, you can count on our trusted HVAC professionals for safety controls, preventative maintenance and annual inspections.

While you can easily change the furnace filter, vacuum out debris around the burner and clean the humidifier, leave the more complex tasks to us.

How Does a Rockwall HVAC Service Professional Handle Furnace Tune Ups?

Our maintenance specialization is composed of three components:

Diagnosis and Inspection

If you call us in because you suspect a malfunction, we will perform a relevant diagnosis and inspection to get down to the root problem. During the process, we will ask you about your furnace’s age, number of repairs it has received, energy efficiency, comfort levels and anything else that may be of concern to you. We will use your insights and our technical observation to carefully evaluate the situation before making any recommendations on what is best for your HVAC system.

Required Repairs

Once we’ve detected the error, we will offer you a cost-effective repair option and give you more details about other parts we suspect won’t hold for too long. We’ll encourage you to take the necessary steps to maintain it more regularly so that you can prevent further issues. If repairs are required, they may include more than just a filter replacement:

  • Thermostat replacement
  • Installing a new heat exchanger, burner or flame sensor
  • Cleaning the exhaust flue pipe and combustion chamber
  • Opening the blower compartment to check the blower fan blades and blower motor

During a Rockwall furnace tune up, our experienced team may be able to spot issues that other technicians would miss. You can rest assured that we have the equipment and training needed to get your furnace in excellent working order.

Rockwall Furnace Tune Ups

Lastly, our Rockwall furnace tune up team will complete their regular maintenance tasks, during which they inspect any ductwork, electrical wiring and gas lines to confirm they don’t pose a safety risk to you and your family. We will adjust the settings and controls according to your needs and comfort, so you won’t have to worry about it for a while.

Warning Signs You Need Furnace Repair or Replacement

The wires inside a furnace.

Every system will struggle one way or another; unfortunately, our HVAC system will eventually show signs it needs repair or replacement. This can also be identified during a tune-up service.

  • Dust and dirt buildup: You’re already exchanging the filter and cleaning the blower regularly? Dust and debris can accumulate faster during peak season like summer, but never rule out the possibility that your unit could be malfunctioning. It will always work hard to improve indoor air quality, but when you notice more dust particles than usual, it could compromise the health of allergy sufferers.
  • Corroded Parts in Unit: If you notice rust or cracks in your heating unit, it might have reached past its prime.
  • Screeching noises: Your heating shouldn’t “seek” attention like that. If it does, it’s clearly saying that it has parts that are failing.
  • Uneven heating: Do you experience a fluctuation in temperature? It could be the uni itself or blockages in the ducts. Otherwise, you should get adequate heating in all rooms.
  • Change in heating costs: If your natural gas bill went up, it might be a sign of an aging heating unit that is no longer using energy efficiently, requiring more power to function. A replacement will save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Have you experienced these nuisances before because you haven’t followed up with any furnace tune ups? Rockwall, TX, property owners are busy throughout the year and can only take care of so much at a time. At Aire Serv of Rockwall, we care about your safety and health, which is why we would like to encourage you to schedule your comfort tune ups in advance or request that we send you a yearly reminder to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rockwall Furnace Tune Ups

Taking care of your HVAC system is not a walk in the park, which we understand too well. Rockwall residents have questions about their heating and cooling systems when it comes to tune ups, and we want to ensure they are all answered.

How Often Do I Need Comfort Tune Ups in Rockwall, TX?

Once per year is the general rule of thumb for a typical residence, but it depends on your unit and how often it has required repairs, as those will benefit from more dedicated maintenance. Otherwise annual tune ups will be sufficient to keep your system operating safely and meeting your heating needs.

What Time of Year Should I Schedule My Rockwall Furnace Tune Up?

Fall is ideal for a system tune up because your filter likely needs a replacement, and your duct might need cleaning before it blows tons of debris and dust particles into your home when you turn on the heat for the first time. Scheduling maintenance for late summer or early fall gives you enough time to prepare your heating system for a cold winter. This way, you won't get any unexpected surprises when your thermostat drops down and the heater turns on.

How Long Does a Rockwall Furnace Tune Up Appointment Take?

Service can take a couple of hours, depending on your heating system’s needs. Tune ups are practically part of routine maintenance where your unit should be in an overall good condition, requiring inspections and minor cleaning services. Your Rockwall HVAC service professional will let you know if you need more in-depth repairs or whether there are any problems with your HVAC that need further investigation. You can always rely on our team to be efficient during furnace tune ups. Rockwall, TX, homes are in good hands because we use repair solutions that provide longevity and extra comfort.

Do You Need Rockwall Furnace Tune Up Services?

If you need any pro tips about furnaces or air conditioners, your team at Aire Serv of Rockwall can help! Our courteous service professionals are available 24/7 for convenient appointments and emergency service, whether you worry about carbon monoxide levels or faulty electrical connections. Don’t wait until you need costly repairs done! We proudly serve Rockwall and nearby communities like Lavon, Royse City, and Nevada.

If you require furnace tune ups in Rockwall, TX, or other heating-related services, call us or request an appointment! Our friendly customer service representatives are available to answer any questions that you may have.

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