Aire Serv Home Cooling and Air Conditioning Service

Improper maintenance, neglect, and normal wear and tear all take a toll on the function of HVAC systems. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is an important job that requires top-notch heating and cooling services. Aire Serv professionals are your go-to for prompt, affordable home air conditioning services. From air conditioner maintenance to repair, replacement and installation, our team is prepared to exceed your expectations when it comes to caring for your home’s cooling system.

Our Home Air Conditioning Services

Don’t let common air conditioner problems leave you sweating it out. Our team can quickly diagnose and address your AC issues, returning your home to comfort in no time! In need of air conditioner replacement services? Our skilled professionals have the latest information and technology available to help you choose the most energy-efficient system for your home and budget.

When you need reliable air conditioning servicing, your local Aire Serv professionals are available 24/7 to meet your needs. Our local teams are well-versed and ready to assist you with the following:

  • Air conditioner maintenance – Our maintenance plans are designed to keep your air conditioner functioning efficiently and at full capacity when you need it most.

  • Air conditioner repair – We offer 24/7 repair services to help keep you and your family cool and comfortable.

  • Air conditioner replacement – When it’s time to replace your air conditioner, we will help you choose an energy efficient unit that meets your specific needs.

  • Ductless split AC systems – Our local professionals can help you select a ductless system that works best for you.

  • Duct cleaning & installation – Whether it’s duct cleaning, installation, or maintenance, our experienced pros will ensure your system continues to operate efficiently all season long.

Air Conditioner Servicing Recommendations

Scheduling regular air conditioner servicing can help you avoid a system breakdown. When it comes to AC systems, most people take a set-and-forget approach until something goes wrong. However, taking a more proactive approach can help you avoid the headaches and inconvenience of a system breakdown during the hottest time of year. Scheduling regular maintenance with your local Aire Serv professionals can help you avoid these headaches and sleepless nights.

Regular Filter Replacements

Clogged AC filters can reduce airflow, which makes your system work harder to produce cool air. Replacing filters regularly can also reduce the amount of allergens and dust in your home, which will help improve indoor air quality. Most air conditioner filters need to be cleaned or replaced every month or two. More frequent changes may be necessary if you have pets or family members with allergies.

Regular AC Coil Cleaning

Regularly cleaning air conditioner cooling coils is also important to maintain the efficiency of your system. AC coils tend to collect dirt over time, reducing airflow and limiting your system’s ability to absorb heat. To prevent this, your evaporator coil should be inspected and cleaned annually. Outdoor condenser coils also tend to get very dirty when there are trees and foliage nearby. Whenever possible, try to reduce or eliminate any sources of dirt and debris around your outdoor unit. We recommend keeping leaves and other debris at least two feet from the system.

Why Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance is Necessary

A properly maintained AC system will last a lot longer than one that gets only periodic maintenance. While air conditioner maintenance might seem unnecessary, taking care of your unit pays off in the long run. When performed regularly, air conditioner maintenance reduces the number of repairs and system breakdowns you experience. You’ll also benefit from improved energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

Home air conditioning service maintenance requires time and expertise, your local Aire Serv team can help keep your system running smoothly when you need it most. Our professionals are well trained and experienced to check for things like:

  • Check refrigerant level.

  • Leak detection (to ensure your system is properly sealed).

  • Capture refrigerant that needs to be evacuated from the system.

  • Check and seal any leaks in the air ducts.

  • Measure airflow through the evaporator coil.

  • Verify the heating and cooling systems aren’t operating at the same time.

Aire Serv professionals will also inspect electric terminals, apply a non-conductive coating if necessary, and tighten and clean all connections. While it might seem like a tall order, it’s all in a day’s work for our team.

Schedule Air Conditioner Servicing Today

Can’t remember the last time any air conditioner maintenance was done on your system? Then you’re likely overdue for service. Contact your local Aire Serv team today at (855) 679-0011 or request an appointment online today. We’ll check your system and make recommendations on the best ways to keep your system operating efficiently all year long.

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