Air Duct Cleaning in Weatherford

Stuffy Air at Home? Air Duct Cleaning Can Help.

The air you breathe in your own home should be as pristine as can be if you want your home to be as relaxing as it can be. But the truth is that there are millions of contaminants that float through your home’s air, bringing down the air quality whenever you take a breath. If you have been feeling stuffy, coughy, or just uncomfortable in your own home lately, then it is likely these unseen contaminants in the air that are causing the issue.

To clear the air without clearing out your bank account, come to Aire Serv of Weatherford and schedule a professional air duct cleaning service. We use industry-grade tools and technology to clean your home’s air ducts with the utmost efficiency. Thanks to our training and equipment, we are also capable of air duct cleaning services for small businesses and large commercial properties alike.

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What Contaminants are in the Air?

Have you ever stood near a sunbeam coming through a window in your home and noticed little particulates floating in the air? What you’re seeing are just some of the airborne contaminants that you breathe in each day when your air ducts aren’t clean. What you are not seeing is all of the contaminants that are too small for the naked eye to notice but that sometimes pose an even bigger concern than their larger counterparts.

What airborne contaminants are probably in your home?

  • Dust: There is no way to prevent dust from accumulating in your home. In fact, most household dust is actually comprised of dead skin cells and tiny bits of cloth fibers, so the more you are home, the more dust you create. Unfortunately, when dust is left to build in air ducts, it can quickly cloud the air.
  • Pet dander: Homes with little critters are always happy, but they are also often stuffy. Pet dander can be a big problem in your air ducts, especially if your dog or cat is particularly fluffy or sheds often.
  • Pollen: Do you have flowers and plants inside your home? They give off fresh oxygen for you to breathe, but they also introduce pollen spores into the air. Pollen can also accrue in your air ducts if you leave your windows open most of the time.
  • Bacteria: Tiny bacteria can get wafted up off surfaces around your home and float around unseen in the air. Thoroughly cleaning your home regularly can reduce airborne bacteria, but a better way to ensure it doesn’t become a problem is to schedule an air duct cleaning.
  • Bugs: Perhaps the grossest things on this list of contaminants are microscopic bugs. Insects may be tempted to make their homes in your air ducts if they are dirty and clogged with dust. Evict them with our services!

Can Airborne Contaminants Affect Your Health?

We highly recommend our air duct cleaning services to all of our customers throughout Weatherford because we genuinely care about their health and wellbeing. When air ducts are particularly dirty and the airborne contaminant count is high, the bad air can pose a health hazard.

Symptoms caused by breathing in contaminated or dusty air include:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy eyes and throat
  • Coughing
  • Higher risk of an asthma attack
  • Allergic reaction symptoms

People with asthma, allergies, respiratory sensitivities, and weakened immune systems are particularly at risk of health complications caused by regularly breathing in low-quality air. If anyone in your home has such a health concern, then please call us to discuss air duct cleaning in Weatherford, TX today.

Boost Your Home’s or Business’s HVAC Efficiency

Air duct cleaning is also a service that helps your home as much as it helps the people living inside it. By eliminating contaminants and dust buildup inside your air ducts, you allow your heating and air conditioning system to do its work with less resistance. Whenever a clean HVAC system spins up and moves air through clean air ducts, it needs to use less energy to make that happen, which equates to energy savings for you.

If your business’s bottom line has been hampered lately by high energy bills, then we suggest an air duct cleaning service in addition to an HVAC system inspection. With a thorough clean – and routine cleanings scheduled afterward – you can help your business save money while also keeping your employees and customers happy. No one likes breathing in dusty air, after all!

Plan an air duct cleaning in Weatherford today by calling us or using an online appointment request form.

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