Did your home heater suddenly fail in the middle of the night? Has your heat pump stopped working? If so, you can trust Aire Serv of Weatherford to be the most dependable team for your repair and maintenance needs. Our experts are highly qualified in professional diagnostic evaluations, making no job too big or small.

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Our technicians can assist you with essential services including:

  • Heater Repair & Replacement
  • Heater Maintenance
  • Heater Pumps & Boilers
  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Replacement
  • Furnace Maintenance

When Should You Repair or Replace a Heater?

It’s important to have a functioning and reliable heater to maintain maximum comfort during the coldest seasons. If you currently have a non-functioning heater, it’s time to consider a repair or replacement. The most important things to consider are the comfort level it currently provides, how old it is, and how efficiently it’s working. No one wants to deal with a malfunctioning system that struggles to keep you warm. Replacing or repairing will ultimately help reduce your monthly heating bill and make the comfort level in your home much more pleasant.

Other key signs that your heater may need repair or replacement include:

  • Loud or strange noises coming from heater
  • Color of gas burner flame is yellow
  • Increased heating bills
  • Heater is constantly running

Heating systems are complicated, and even one problem can affect the overall performance of the equipment. When repair service is needed, our professionals can provide the appropriate solutions for needs and budget. Maintenance goes a long way when preventing major problems and important repairs, so it’s important to make regular check-ups a priority. If you do need a furnace replacement in Weatherford, don't hesitate to give us a call. We can provide an estimate for the service and even make recommendations for specific models if you need assistance choosing a replacement.

Importance of Furnace Maintenance

You will rarely find a home in Weatherford without a furnace or some type of heater. After such a large investment, you want to know it will work properly for many years to come. However, like any other complex piece of equipment, a furnace can only work efficiently through if it is properly maintained.

Some of the most common needs for a furnace repair include:

  • The furnace blower is consistently left on
  • Pilot light is out
  • Strange noises during startup or operation
  • Age of furnace is more than 10 years old
  • Uneven temperatures
  • Increase on your energy bill

Benefits of Furnace Repair and Replacement

We recommend you schedule an annual furnace maintenance appointment, during which we will complete a thorough diagnostic to identify common problems such as safety, age, repair frequency, energy efficiency, comfort, and cost. Additionally, your annual appointment will end with a Total Comfort Tune-Up, so our skilled technicians can inspect all components of your furnace including:

  • Thorough professional cleaning
  • Adjustment of controls
  • Complete safety check

This is beneficial for several reasons. With the correct repair, we can ensure your home stays heated throughout the winter season without any concerns of a malfunction. It also controls your furnace to operate at peak efficiency for much longer and identifies issues before they occur and potentially get worse.

Heater Repair FAQs

How Often Should My Heater’s Air Filter Be Changed?

Changing the air filter is probably one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your heating system. We recommend changing them at least once a month.

How Often Should I Have My Heating System Serviced?

We recommend that you have your heater professionally serviced at least once a year, at the end of fall, to ensure it is ready for heavier use in the winter.

How Much Do Furnace Repairs Typically Cost?

The average furnace repair can cost between $130 and $470. However, repairs for gas furnaces range from $375 to $1,200 due to complexity. With Aire Serv of Weatherford, you don’t have to wonder how much a repair will cost, how long it will take to get the job done, or what your money is going towards because we price by the job, not the hour. Request an appointment today.

With Aire Serv of Weatherford by your side, you will never have to deal with furnace problems again. No matter what time of the day it is, our emergency furnace repair team is on call 24/7.

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