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Meet the Team of DeSoto County

Lee Downing was the Franchisee of the year in 2017!

  • Lee Downing

    Lee Downing


    With over 15 years of HVAC experience, owner, Lee Downing leads his team members with the technical and the business side at Aire Serv of Tipton County. Lee is licensed and bonded as well as certified and trained in the HVAC industry. While striving to satisfy his customers, he strongly believes in treating people right. With a local team of about twenty members, Lee is approachable and will always listen to his team members with any concerns they may have. He leads his technicians by example and is always willing to go to the customer's house or business to assist in a call or to communicate with a customer personally.  Hands on management is an asset that he believes in very strongly. Team leadership is exhibited through regular meetings where he opens the floor for discussion so that Aire Serv of Tipton County can better serve the needs of the Tipton County area customers.

  • Stacey Pruitt

    Stacey Pruitt


    As our office manager with an administrative assistant certification, Stacey knows Aire Serv backwards and forward.  She has served our team, along with our owner, Lee Downing, from the beginning of building the business. Our team members know that she is the go-to person for questions that occur in the office or out on the job. Stacey was recognized as Office Professional of the Year 2016 and she continues her professionalism for our customers each day. The family based business is where Stacey feels she can do her best job. The employees and the customers are a priority at Aire Serv. She enjoys her husband and children whom she can have fun riding their side by side ATV.

  • Daniel Kellum

    Daniel Kellum

    Operations Manager

    Serving as Operations Manager, Daniel has certifications in EPS and NMLS. With almost 20 years of work experience with the majority of that in the HVAC industry, Daniel’s goal is to always help our customers. Coming to work at Aire Serv keeps Daniel motivated to help the community of great people in the Memphis area.  As he leads our professional technicians, Daniel implements the company’s code of values where he can help others grown professionally and personally right along with him. By spending time with his work family and his personal family, Daniel learns a little more about himself each day. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and football.

  • Tina Walker

    Tina Walker

    Office Manager

    With 10 years of experience in the medical field, Tina joined the Aire Serv team in 2018 and has enjoyed serving the customers in the mid south. With exceptional leadership from our owner, Tina has the opportunity to work with a top notch team while following the code of values mindset. Customer satisfaction is Tina's number one priority while working each day as she helps our community with the HVAC needs. In her spare time, her husband, kids, and grandchildren keep her busy. The beach and the outdoors are places that Tina enjoys spending her time.

  • Jackie Howard

    Jackie Howard

    Director of Marketing

    After earning a degree in marketing, Jackie Howard pursued a profession in teaching where she has taught marketing classes to all four levels of high school students for over 20 years. Throughout her years of teaching, she has earned 2 masters level degrees in education. Jackie continually teaches updated methods of marketing to her students.  After teaching hundreds of marketing students, she has been pleased to know that many students chose marketing as their career choice.  As a DECA advisor, she has seen students get hands on experience through competitive events that help prepare students for the real world of marketing.  Owner, Lee Downing was one of her students and she is happy to serve as the marketing specialist for Aire Serv. Using advertising strategies, Jackie will continue to make Aire Serv the best HVAC business in the Mid South.

  • Chelsey Leblanc

    Chelsey Leblanc

    Customer Service Representative

    With over five years of customer service experience, Chelsey serves the Aire Serv team as a customer service representative. With a family like office environment, Chelsey has learned strong leadership skills and has improved her communication skills. With the code of values that Aire Serv believes in, she feels confident we are helping customers the very best way we can. Being at work is like a second home for Chelsey because everyone puts others before themselves. She enjoys spending time with her three Labrador dogs.

  • Jessie Wilkerson

    Jessie Wilkerson

    Customer Service Representative

    With a desire to service customers in the HVAC industry, Jessie serves the Aire Serv team as a dispatcher. The family oriented atmosphere and the code of values that represent the Aire Serv way of business is something that Jessie enjoys while at work. Customer satisfaction is the core value that she does all that she can do to help the customers get the best service possible. Her son and two dogs fill her time when she's away from work.

  • David Schlauch

    David Schlauch

    Service Professional

    As a 15 year firefighter/paramedic, David is enjoying the HVAC industry. Having his EPA certification and after serving in the US Navy, he enjoys helping other people as he serves our customers. David’s wife and children are important to him and he enjoys fishing and playing golf.

  • Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson

    Service Professional

    With certifications in EPA section 608 and NATES, Jacob serves the Aire Serv team as a service technician. Bringing over 6 years of HVAC experience, he is glad that he can serve our customers with enthusiasm and help them stay comfortable in their homes and businesses.  The company’s set of values makes working at Aire Serv worth it to Jacob, because it has a family-oriented office staff and team of technicians that can work together for the greater good. Jacob enjoys time with his wife and pet, as well as going hunting and fishing.

  • Jonathan Owens

    Jonathan Owens

    Service Professional

    With over 20 years of experience in lawn, construction, and HVAC experience, as well as a firefighter, Jonathan serves the Aire Serv team as a service technician. With his Universal EPA certification and Firefighter 1, 2, 3 certification, he enjoys being able to service our customers with skill and he is happy to help them, one at a time. The family-oriented company where he can support his family and enjoy his co-workers makes the stability of this job all worthwhile. Jonathan enjoys spending time with his wife and pets, as well as go fishing.

  • Kelby Hawkins

    Kelby Hawkins

    Service Professional

    As a certified Universal EPA service technician, Kelby enjoys working in Memphis for Aire Serv, where there is a family-like environment.  With a good understanding of the HVAC industry, Kelby is glad to provide honesty to our customers. He believes that with the good leadership at Aire Serv, the staff and technicians have a good working atmosphere and he enjoys coming to work each day.

  • Michael Downing

    Michael Downing

    Service Professional

    Having over 17 years of work experience, Michael serves as the Commercial Service Project Manager on the Aire Serv team. With the goal of helping customers, Michael’s expert service is individualized so that he can provide professional guidance with the HVAC needs of his customers most efficiently.  Through the support of his work family and his personal family, Michael has learned to meet his goals while serving the local community to make them happy as well.  He stays busy with his wife, children, and pets.

  • Patrich Banks

    Patrich Banks

    Service Professional

    As an EPA certified HVAC technician, Patrich serves as a service technician on the Aire Serv family team. With the goal of striving to do his very best for our customers, Patrich is glad he knows what to expect and how to approach situations as they occur on the job.  He feels that Aire Serv is a company that is family oriented and non-judgmental where technicians can learn from each other.  Whether it is working with the office staff, the technicians, or with customers, Patrich appreciates the code of values that the leadership of the company lives by. Originally from Louisiana, Patrich enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Rickie Max

    Rickie Max

    Service Professional

    After working in the HVAC industry for over a decade, Rickie works as a certified EPA service technician on the Aire Serv team. With persistence and determination, Rickie comes to work ready to follow the plan set forth to service HVAC customer needs in the Memphis community. While spending time with his wife and children, Rickie also enjoys hobbies where he fixes things. 

  • Chris Downing

    Chris Downing

    Professional Installer

    As a team member with the goal of helping customers, Chris’ expert service is individualized so that he can provide professional guidance with the HVAC needs of our customers.  Chris has learned to meet his goals while serving the local community to make them happy as well.  He stays busy with his family and pets. 

  • Nick Winfrey

    Nick Winfrey

    Professional Installer

    With five years of HVAC experience, and an EPA certification, NIck serves our team as a lead installer. He likes the wonderful work environment and the company's code of values at Aire Serv.

  • Jack Kelly

    Jack Kelly

    Home Comfort Designer

    With a lifetime of work experience and 5 years in the HVAC industry, Jack is part of the Aire Serv team where he helps customers choose the right system for their personal homes or business. He enjoys the family like atmosphere of the Aire Serv team where there is potential for growth for him professionally, as well as the quality of the attitude of doing what is right the first time. Integrity on the team and with customers is the favored aspect of Jack's position at Aire Serv. He enjoys time with his wife, daughter, and grandchildren, as well as riding motorcycles in his spare time.

  • Jake Ashley

    Jake Ashley

    Home Comfort Designer

    Having an HVAC certification with over 8 years of HVAC experience, Jake Ashley serves the Aire Serv team as a Home Comfort Designer. Not only has Jake worked in the HVAC industry, he also has over 15 years of home construction experience. Jake is happy to be on the Aire Serv team where he can serve our customers with honesty. He is excited to work for a company where he can grow in the HVAC profession as the Aire Serv team continues to grow as well. Jake enjoys spending his spare time outdoors with his family.

  • Christine Ramsden

    Christine Ramsden

    Human Resources Director

    With over 7 years of customer service experience and 3 years in human resources management experience, Christine comes to Aire Serv to help with the management of the employees as the company continues to grow. With her Bachelor’s Degree in Business specializing in Human Resources and her SHRM-CP certification, Christine puts her expertise into practice for policies and procedures while serving as the Human Resources Director. As an important asset to the Aire Serv team, she enjoys working for a family-oriented company that cares for their employees and their customers and Christine is always seeking to help people in any way she can. She is married with two children and in her free time practices MMA and Jiu Jitsu.

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