Air Filter

Why Air Filters Are Important

Your air filters play an important role in your home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and can help:

  • Ensure your system runs smoothly
  • Keep your energy costs down
  • Improve your home's air quality

Breathe Easier: Aire Serv® Is Here to Help You Achieve Clean Air Indoors

At Aire Serv, we believe strongly in the importance of clean and safe indoor air. The air you and your loved ones breathe should be of the highest quality. Poor air quality can result in odors as well as significant health consequences such as headaches, severe allergies, sore eyes, fatigue, and respiratory symptoms. Long-term exposure to bad air quality has even been linked to heart disease and cancer.

You may not even be aware of pollutants in your air that are affecting your health. Properly cleaned and functioning air filters protect your home and also ensure that your AC and heating system is running efficiently. Replacing your air filters is a simple way to keep your monthly energy costs down, as filters eliminate undue stress on your heating and cooling system.

Learn more about air filters on the pages below:

Trees Clean Air. So Do We—Call Our Experts!

Keeping your home's air filters clean is important. Air filters not only keep your heating and cooling system running smoothly, they also promote better indoor air quality in your home. Modern filters trap increasingly tiny contaminants. This ensures that your home's air is safe, clean, and breathable.

Read the pages above to learn more about how to maintain and / or replace the air filters in your home. Box-type filters should be changed once a year; regular filters must be changed every two or three months. Don't install a specialty filter without speaking with an AC and heating repair technician; some could damage your system if they are incompatible. Contact Aire Serv at any time for more information about our services or an appointment.

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