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Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

It’s hard to feel safe, comfortable, or productive when your work environment is too hot. When the temperature in your business makes employees and customers uncomfortable , it’s time to give the commercial air conditioning repair experts at Aire Serv a call.

We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you breathe a little easier. No matter the issue, our licensed professionals are here to help find comprehensive solutions on a timeline that works for your busy schedule.

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Aire Serv Commercial AC Repair Service

Commercial spaces have unique requirements for their air conditioning. We know how hard you work to keep your business successful. That’s why our commercial AC repair company works just as hard to keep your space cool and comfortable for employees and customers.

Our team of professionals is trained and knowledgeable about repairing all makes and models of AC systems. There is very little we can’t repair or replace, from evaporative coolers to split systems, thermostats to refrigeration units. We’ll also help to ensure your commercial HVAC system continues to run as efficiently as Our commitment to keeping your air conditioners running in peak condition and our maintenance programs can save you serious money and stress over the years. Allowing us to care for your investment means fewer breakdowns and a more efficient system . We also provide thorough inspections and cleaning to help you avoid expensive repairs.

Signs That Your Business Needs A Commercial AC Repair

Do you need professional AC repair help? There are some obvious and not-so-obvious signs that your AC needs immediate attention. Some of these warning signs include:

  1. The air conditioner won't turn on.

  2. There’s noise or excessive vibration during air conditioner startup or operation.

  3. The unit hums, but the fan doesn't operate.

  4. The fan runs, but the compressor has stopped working.

  5. The air conditioner system is blowing warm air.

  6. There’s water pooling around the air conditioner.

Most Common Commercial Air-Conditioning Issues

Aire Serv professionals have seen it – and fixed it – all. The next time you find yourself struggling with one of the following issues, count on our AC repair and services for a quick resolution:

  • No power – Faulty wiring or tripped breakers can easily cut power to your air conditioner, as can an overheated system that has shut itself off. Our air conditioning repair and service professionals address the causes of these issues to prevent them from reoccurring.

  • Worn-out fan belt – Squealing sounds indicate a worn-out fan belt that will eventually snap, resulting in more expensive repairs. Our professionals are well versed in replacing worn-out fan belts.

  • Refrigerant leak – A hissing sound typically indicates a refrigerant leak, which is bad for the environment and the efficiency of your system. Aire Serv professionals will repair the leak and recharge your system.

  • Frozen evaporator coil – Warm air exiting vents is a telltale sign of a frozen evaporator coil, which could result from low refrigerant levels, poor circulation, continual operation, or other causes. Your local Aire Serv professional will get to the bottom of the warm air and provide an efficient fix.

  • Defective fan motor – A properly operating fan keeps air circulating throughout your location. Repair or replacement is vital if your fan motor is ailing or broken.

  • Defective compressor – If your fan is operating, but the air exiting your vents feels warm, it typically indicates a faulty compressor. As this is an expensive component, it is best to discuss your repair versus replacement options with our professionals.

  • Clogged condensate drains – Algae, insects, dirt, and debris can collect in condensate drains, resulting in leaks and water damage. An Aire Serv professional can flush your system and prevent future clogs by applying an algaecide to the condensate drain.

Prevent Future Emergency AC Repair with Preventive Commercial AC Maintenance

We often don’t give our HVAC systems a second thought until they break down. Annual air conditioner maintenance can do wonders to keep your commercial AC in the best shape possible, preventing the need for emergency air conditioning repair and service. In addition to annual professional maintenance, you should also perform routine maintenance tasks, such as changing your air filter.

To learn more about maintaining your commercial air conditioner, consult our commercial AC maintenance service page and checklist. Remember: Proper air conditioner maintenance extends the life of your system and keeps it operating efficiently, saving your business energy dollars!

Count on Aire Serv’s Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Service

There is no shortage of air conditioning repair companies from which to choose. Why work with Aire Serv? The answer is obvious:

  • Aire Serv professionals work around the clock to deliver air conditioning repair and service support when you need it most.

  • Since we charge by the job instead of the hour, you don't have to worry about expensive overtime charges.

  • Our team always provides an upfront overview of your AC issues and potential solutions, allowing you to make the right decision for your business.

  • Our work comes with a Done Right Promise® – your satisfaction is guaranteed .

The best way to understand the value of Aire Serv is to give us a try.

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