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5 Book Recommendations to Cozy Up With

Many parts of the country have had an extremely cold winter. With unpleasant weather comes the need (and desire) to stay indoors, cook hearty winter fare and curl up with a good book. The timing couldn’t be better! With the upcoming release of Nora Roberts book The Collector on April 15, it's time to start looking at not only books about to be released and the latest and greatest, but also some favorites that you would like to revisit. Aire Serv wants to help keep you cozy this spring with these book recommendations. The Collector, the latest of more than 200 books by Nora Roberts, begins when a professional housesitter witnesses a murder/suicide from her current apartment-sitting job. The tale follows as her life takes a dramatic turn.

Nora Roberts The Collector

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On the heels of Nora Roberts' release is something from the horror genre by Stephen King who is releasingMr. Mercedes this June. Calling this his “first hard-boiled detective book,” it’s a story of a retired cop being tormented by a murder. The plot revolves around a man who drove his Mercedes into a crowd that left eight people dead and many inured.

Stephen King Mr. Mercedes

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Currently on the bestsellers list you can find John Grisham’s latest, Sycamore Row, which is a much-anticipated sequel to A Time to Kill. This book starts off three years after the initial book with Jake Brigance once again being asked to defend race and the law in Mississippi.

John Grisham Sycamore Row
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You can also find Killer by Jonathan Kellerman available – continuing the series with Alex Delaware who is a child psychologist and police consultant. Delaware testifies in a custody battle that takes a deadly turn, and with help from Milo Sturgis, looks to solve the mystery.

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Shanghai Girls by Lisa See is a 2009 novel that promises a historical and compassionate story of two sisters new to San Francisco at the time of uprising in Shanghai. The story follows the challenges new immigrants faced in America during the times. Her sequel, Dreams of Joy, is just as enlightening and emotional.

Lisa See Shanghai Girls
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What books are on your nightstand right now?