consider indoor air quality - fall trees in front of house

Consider Indoor Air Quality as Seasons Change

Ahhh. Spring is in the air! But as the weather gets warmer and we turn off the heaters, it’s important to make sure our indoor air at home is as clean as possible. We want to make sure we are breathing in as few air contaminates as possible. Things like dust, smoke, dander, allergens, viruses and bacteria can compromise indoor air quality. Some of the more serious air contaminates are mold, carbon monoxide and asbestos. Since houses have become more energy efficient, indoor air pollutants have become more concentrated. So, we have to be more diligent in our maintenance and cleaning routines.

Cleaning and changing air filters is the easiest and most obvious way to clean up the air at home. Don’t forget about rugs and carpets too. They are like velcro when it comes to dander and hair, especially this time of the year when Fluffy and Fido are losing their winter coats. Regularly vacuuming rugs and carpets will reduce the amount of dander the carpet and rug fibers. Fewer contaminates in the fibers means fewer contaminates in the air. HEPA style vacuum cleaners can help reduce the amount of dust that is stirred up during the cleaning process. As for mold, it can be caused by excess humidity, and improper ventilation.

The best remedy for mold is to reduce any unusual sources of moisture, and to make sure your air conditioning system is cleaned and operating at peak efficiency. An appropriately sized, fully functional air conditioning system outfitted with the proper air filtration and purification system is the best way to insure a healthy environment in your home. By devoting a few minutes to maintain and clean up your air quality at home, you’ll be able to comfortably enjoy the fun things spring has to offer.