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Grow Your Own Personal Heater: Participate in No-Shave November

By Hannah Haseloff

As Your Comfort Company, Aire Serv would like to present to you another way for the men in your life to keep comfortably warm this winter. Don’t worry: this doesn’t involve wearing girly slippers or frilly scarves. Why not suggest them to grow their own personal heater and participate in No-Shave November?

This awesome initiative was created by the eight Hill siblings in memory of their father they lost to cancer to raise awareness about cancer. Since cancer patients often loose their hair because of chemotherapy, the goal is to embrace your own hair by letting it grow to raise awareness and funds for those with cancer.

If that doesn’t convince them enough, here are five reasons why they should be participating in No-Shave November this year:

1. It Keeps You Warm. Participating in No-Shave November keeps you warm and toasty in this increasingly cold weather. Not only does your beard keep your face warm and wind burn free, if it is long enough it can also keep your neck and upper torso warm, too!

2. It Makes You Look Good. Nothing looks better than sporting a styling beard for a good cause. Plus, beards and mustaches have been on an upward trend for a couple years now. You never know, this might even lead you to your soul mate.

3. Your Friends Are Doing It. Let’s face it; most of your friends have been participating for the last couple of years, so why not join in? Start a friendly competition between yourselves to see who can raise the most money and grow the longest beard.

4. It’s Fun! No-Shave November is a great way to blow up your social media with you and your friends’ crazy beards. Popular hash tags such as #LetItGrow are trending. You can also use hash tags such as #ChickenStache and #5MileShadow to encourage donations to No-Shave November.

5. Above All, It Helps People. Donate the money usually spent on shaving and grooming to help cancer patients. So far, No-Shave November has raised over $90,000 in this year alone!

Sign up to participate and learn more about No-Shave November hereLink opens in a new tab. And, as always, if you ever have problems with your heater in your house, feel free to give us a call!