4 Ways to Get the Most out of Smart Home Technology - thermostat

Four Ways to Get the Most out of Smart Home Technology

From cell phones to appliances, technology is advancing every day, and with good reason. Step into the latest up-and-coming, must-have technology - Smart Home Technology. Going beyond customization and control from afar, the latest in Smart Home Technology has a lot to offer, not only in improved convenience and efficiency, but also in comfort and energy savings as well.

What Smart Home Technology benefits are you missing out on?

Schedule irregular? Forgot to re-adjust the thermostat before you left the house? Headed home to a cold house? No problem. Control the temperature settings on your home thermostat with the help of your smartphone, tablet or computer. Smart thermostats offer simplicity, control, comfort and savings, allowing you to heat or cool your home only when you need. Great Smart Home Technology options for your home thermostat include:


One of the best and most efficient smart thermostats for iPhone and Android, the NEST has a built-in motion sensor and programs itself after just a week of learning your schedule and preferred temperature settings. It has no buttons or switches, simply a circular interface you twist and press to navigate menus. The NEST features a humidity sensor, technology that turns the compressor quickly off after target temperature is achieved to save energy, and an override function.

Honeywell® Prestige HD

Another top-of-the-line choice, the Prestige features a large, high definition touchscreen and programming made easy thanks to easy step-by-step setup instructions. It offers dehumidification and ventilation controls, and a one-touch override to cancel settings and restart setup from scratch. Installation from an Aire Serv® professional is necessary, however, as the thermostat does not include installation manuals.

Trane® XL900

The XL900 offers multiple stages of heating and cooling and works well with both newer and older HVAC systems. It features a 10-inch touchscreen, humidity sensors, outdoor temperature display, automatic or manual mode and an override function. Initial programming is simple, and the XL900 has the unique capability of providing you with real-time system performance updates as well as alerting you of diagnostic issues and malfunctions.

Zoned Heating and Cooling

Does your home have hot and cold spots? Zoned heating and cooling offers the ultimate in Smart Home Technology comfort and temperature control. Rather than heating or cooling your entire home with a single thermostat, zoned heating and cooling utilizes multiple thermostats in order to separate your home into particular areas. The result? Customized, efficient heating and cooling that can save you substantially on your monthly energy bills – up to 30 percent of your current heating and cooling costs! Zoned systems are a great solution for:

  • Multi-level homes
  • Rooms with extensive window areas
  • Finished basement, attic, or over-garage living areas
  • Homes with vaulted ceilings, lofts, atriums, and solariums
  • Homes where temperature patterns vary throughout the day
  • Multi-wing homes

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