HVAC equipment wit text: "put your holiday hardware store gift cards to use"

4 Ideas for Spending Those Holiday Gift Cards

By: Kellie Pearson

You probably stocked up on a collection of gift cards from your family and friends this past holiday season. If you have received a gift card to a local hardware store and are at a discomfort deciding between all the options you could spend it on, your Comfort Company has put together a few handy ideas for you!

Spruce up Your Home with New Air Vents and Registers

For a crisp, clean look in your home this New Year, why not invest in new vents and registers? You can even customize the color if you are undergoing remodeling and want your vents and registers to complement freshly painted walls or new flooring.

Upgrade Your HVAC System with The Nest Thermostat

Unless you’re like “GrandpaLink opens in a new tab” and enjoy getting out of bed in the cold to walk across the house and change your thermostat (putting those calf muscles to good use!), maybe it’s a good idea to upgrade your HVAC system with The Nest thermostatLink opens in a new tab. Conveniently enough, your local Aire Serv® technician can even install it for you!

Splurge on a Mini Shop Vac

Having a mini shop vac on hand will be convenient for whenever you need to clean your air vents or the areas housing your air conditioner and heating system. Not to mention, they are lightweight and easy to handle!

Replace Old Carbon Monoxide or Smoke Detectors with New Ones

Remember that older models of carbon monoxide detectors need to be replaced every two years, and newer models every five years. Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years. The indoor air quality of your home as well as the health of your family is dependent on these being replaced!

We hope these ideas are helpful and wish you happy hardware store shopping!