Dog in suit with text: "Funny dog sweater contest"

Funny Dog Sweater Photo Contest

By: Kellie Pearson

As your comfort company, at Aire Serv®, we are all about your family’s comfort. Yes, every member of your family – even your dog. That’s why we decided to reward your dog for being forced to wear that uncomfortable sweater you bought him (or her) for Christmas and launch our winter photo contest.

To enter, visit our Facebook page, submit the funniest photo of your dog wearing a sweater, tell all your friends to vote and you could win your dog a pet store gift card!

If that doesn’t convince you, then you should read this letter your dog wrote to you. (OK, we may have helped him out a little bit!)

Dearest Human,

I wrote you this note to tell you that I love and appreciate my new Christmas toys. The tennis ball, the yummy bone, the extra squeaky bear – they are all so, so great.

But, as you may have noticed, I failed to mention one: that sweater. That silly, silly sweater. I really, reallyyy do not like that sweater. Especially the squeal sound you and your friends make when I’m wearing it – it’s almost as annoying as the cat. Plus, it messes my hair up!

So, I am writing this letter to present two proposals to you:

  1. Call Aire Serv to get a furnace tune up, so we all don’t have to go around the house bundled up in ridiculous sweaters all the time.
  2. Enter my photo into their contest so we can win a gift card to the pet store and I can get more sympathy toys. It’s the least you can do, really…

Love always,

Your Dog (AKA, BFF)

PS – Can we go to the park tomorrow?! I was nice to the cat today!