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  • Blue chair in room with text: "ways to decorate your home to make it cooler"

    Ways to Decorate Your Home to Make it Cooler

    By Spencer Cutright Each year, it seems like the age-old question of how to keep your home cool in the summer is brought back up. ...

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  • Person pushing button on thermostat

    Differences Between Smart and Programmable Thermostats

    The rate at which technology progresses can often be frustrating, making you feel left behind the times. And if you’re upgrading ...

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  • Woman speaking into fan with text: "Fun things to say into your electrical fan"

    Fun Things To Say Into Your Electric Fan

    Bored on a hot summer day? Your electric fan can do more than cool you down – it can transform your voice! Hear the deeper voice ...

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  • AC condenser unit with text: "things to consider when buying a new air conditioner"

    Things To Consider When Buying a New Air Conditioner

    It’s hard to pick from the veritable cornucopia of new air conditioners on the market today. With an air conditioner being one of ...

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