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Common Problems with AC in the Summer

Hot Topics and Cool Conversations with Kevin Cargile

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Summer is here and the heat has hit. As our Air Serv® technicians enter into our busy season, we wanted to make you aware of a number of problems that can affect your AC unit, from overheating to turning on and off frequently. Kevin Cargile with Aire Serv of Omaha explains that facing AC problems in the summer can be easier than you think, and that when it comes to keeping your AC unit running through the summer, there are a number of things you can do to keep it maintained on your own.

Aire Serv: What are some of the top AC problems people face in the summer?

Kevin Cargile: The number one problem I have found is keeping the air filter clean. Typically you should check it once a month, maybe when you pay your electric bill, to remind yourself to go downstairs and check it. Aire Serv has a link on their website that you can sign up for and it will send you a reminder every month to check your filter.

Aire Serv: How can I tell if my AC is overheating?

Kevin Cargile: The temperature inside will start to go up. You can look at the coil outside and see if it has dirt or debris on it to make sure it is in good shape.

Aire Serv: What should I do if my AC unit turns on or off too frequently?

Kevin Cargile: That is a sign that the AC unit is typically oversized and the AC unit is cooling your house too quickly.

Aire Serv: How often should I check my AC unit?

Kevin Cargile: Have it maintained at least one a year, and then check the filter for debris once a month. Sometimes when the grass is mowed it may push grass into the unit, and that will cause some problems as well.

Aire Serv: Do you have any other tips for keeping your AC running in good condition this summer?

Kevin Cargile: Make sure everything stays clean and have it maintained at the beginning of the year or sometime during the year to make sure that everything is running at optimal parameters.

No matter what problem you may be having with your AC unit, you can count on your Comfort Company to keep you cool this summer.