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Having a healthy AC system is good for everyone. It keeps your home as comfortable as possible, your electric bill low, and you and your family happy. With summer just around the corner, the temperatures are rising. Don’t automatically blame high electric bills on just the season - it may be that your unit isn’t working in its best condition! We talked to Elton Stewart of Stewart’s Aire Serv to get his advice on keeping up with AC maintenance.

What are common symptoms that a AC unit is not functioning properly?

Common complaints from customers about their units include the unit is running longer than normal, is not cooling well, or has stopped working all together. But there are other symptoms that you may notice before your unit starts to break down. Here are some things to look for:

  • Dirt and debris around supply vents in the home
  • Low humidity in home
  • The thermostat is dropping below thermostat set point
  • Excessive energy consumption
  • Unit cycling on and off in short increments

What is the most common AC problem that requires a repair?

The most common repairs involve low Freon or a bad capacitor.

How can these AC repairs be prevented?

Most problems can be prevented by have routine maintenance done.

How many times a year should homeowners have their AC system checked?

Homeowners should have the AC and heat checked once a year. This can help us find issues before they become major problems. Having a professional cleaning or a complete safety check are other ways you can prolong the life of your heating or air conditioning systems.

When should you consider a full replacement of an AC system instead of a repair?

Most systems last 10-15 years. After eight years, expect to have costly repairs. Newer units have trade longevity with efficiency whereas older units would last 20 years or more, but used excessive electricity. If you have a repair over $1,000.00 or any Freon leaks, you need to consider replacing your AC equipment.

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