Father and daughter at beach with text: "keep cool with these fun family outdoor activities"

Keep Cool with These Fun Family Outdoor Activities

August is Family Fun Month! Take advantage of the last few weeks of summer break and spend some quality time with your kids. These outdoor activities will help you beat the heat until the weather starts to cool off this fall.

Go Swimming

Whether you have a backyard pool, access to a neighborhood swimming pool, or you live near a lake, the ocean or water park, swimming is the quintessential way to cool off in the summer. The whole family can join in! Even if you don’t plan on swimming laps, you can simply sit at the edge of the water and dangle your feet in the pool to help you cool off.

Run in the Sprinklers

If you want to keep the outdoor activities close to home but you don’t have a pool, set up a sprinkler for the kids to run and play in. Maybe you have an automatic sprinkler system and don’t want to buy a sprinkler head just for a handful of uses each summer.

For affordable backyard sprinkler fun, make your own “bottle blaster” by punching holes in one side of a 2-litre bottle with a push pin. Then securely attach the bottle to a garden hose with a 3/4-inch female swivel hose adapter, an inexpensive piece of hardware you can find in the plumbing section of your local home improvement store.

Play Catch with Water Balloons

This game works best with at least two teams of two people each. Start with each team standing one foot from each other and tossing the water balloon back and forth two times. Each teammate takes a step back and tosses the balloon another two times. The tossing and stepping further apart continues until one team’s water balloon pops. Keep a tally so you can determine the winning team once you go through all the balloons – or don’t keep score to make the game more casual.

Have a Water Gun Fight

For disorganized family fun, simply equip each person with a water gun and let the fun ensue! For a more organized game, try this: divide the family into two teams with a base at opposite ends of the yard. The objective is to enter the other team’s base. Each player who enters the opposite base wins a point for their team, and once a player enters a base, they’re out for the rest of the round. The only way to keep the opposing team out of your base is to squirt them! Be sure to keep a big bucket of water nearby for ammo refills.

Water Jump Rope

For this simple family fun activity, give each person a cup filled completely with water. Each person takes a turn jump roping while holding their cup and whoever has the most water at the end wins. Maybe the winner decides where the family will go out for dessert at the end of this family fun day!

Pro Tip: Wear Sunscreen

There’s nothing like spending an afternoon enjoying outdoor activities with the family, but to avoid the nasty effects of sunburns, be sure to slather everyone up with sunscreen before you head outside. Then remember to reapply every couple of hours, as well as anytime you dry off with a towel.

These water activities are great for keeping cool outside, but the best way to beat the heat inside your home is to keep up with air conditioner maintenance and repairs. To schedule services for your AC, please contact Aire Serv® today. Our goal is to help you stay comfortable for the rest of the summer.