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  • Air vent in wall

    Ceiling AC Vents: Pros and Cons

    Ever wonder why ceiling vents and attic AC ducts are so common? You are not alone. Ceiling ducts can offer an array of ...

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  • Floor air vent

    Floor AC Ducts: Pros and Cons

    Considering the installation of air conditioning (AC) ducts under the floor? Every AC installation is a custom job, with a host of ...

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  • Electrical sparks with text: "whole house surge protection: protect your HVAC investment"

    Whole House Surge Protection: Protect your HVAC Investment

    If you make preventative maintenance a priority for your heating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, you probably recognize the ...

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  • Ice cream cone with text: "the best way to stay cool: ice cream!"

    The Best Way to Stay Cool: Ice Cream!

    There’s no doubt about it – this summer’s been a hot one! As you hunker down in the basement and try to keep cool without running ...

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