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  • Ceiling fan with text: "fans: give your AC's helper some attention"

    Fans: Give Your AC's Helper Some Attention

    Want to give your air conditioner a much-needed helping hand this hot summer season? Introduce it to a friend. Add the spin of a ...

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  • AC condenser unit with text: "AC sounds to be aware of"

    AC Sounds to Be Aware Of

    Did your air conditioner recently start making a funny noise? Residential and commercial air conditioners often suffer similar ...

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  • Family with text: "dad wants a cold house"

    Dad Wants: A Cold House

    How often does Dad complain about the house being too hot? If he’s like most dads, he wants a cold house this Father’s Day, and ...

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  • Digital thermostat with text: "ideal temperature settings to beat the heat"

    Ideal Temperature Settings to Beat the Heat

    Air conditioning is the single biggest reason your electric bills go up in the summer. What if you could save as much as 10 ...

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