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Mom Wants Clean Air

As Mother’s Day approaches, you’re probably brainstorming what Mom might want for her special day. If she has allergies, you know better than to give her flowers. In fact, what Mom might really want is clean indoor air that doesn’t aggravate her allergies.

But Mom isn’t selfish. She wants clean air for her children, too. Whether you still live at home and breathe the same air as her, or you’re only in town for special occasions, help make the air quality in Mom’s home better just in time for Mother’s Day.

Common Spring Allergies

If you hear Mom sneeze, sniffle and cough every spring, she’s probably allergic to pollen. This is the single biggest spring allergy trigger. Trees, grasses and weeds release pollen between about February and June. Particularly mild winters or wet springs can make spring allergies worse.

When pollen gets into Mom’s nose, her immune system mistakes them for something dangerous and begins the assault. A release of histamines the blood stream triggers the classic symptoms of spring allergies – sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes. This can make life miserable for several months.

Of course, if Mom is also allergic to indoor pollutants, pollen is far from her only problem. Many common triggers live right inside her home where she spends much of her time, including sleeping at night. Dust, dust mites, mold and pet dander are common indoor allergens that can give Mom similar symptoms to pollen exposure.

Benefits of Clean Indoor Air

With the potential for so many allergens in Mom’s home, is it worth the effort to keep the air clean? The answer is obvious when you realize all the benefits of good indoor air quality.

  • Decrease asthma symptoms: If Mom has asthma, the importance of clean indoor air can’t be overemphasized. Cleaner air helps her breathe easier and reduces asthma attacks by minimizing her triggers.
  • Decrease allergy symptoms: Even if Mom simply deals with a few minor allergies – whether seasonal or caused by indoor triggers – cleaner air decreases her symptoms and helps reduce the need to take allergy medication. This can greatly improve her quality of life.
  • Improve overall respiratory health: At first, it seems a little harder to justify the effort required to achieve cleaner indoor air if no one in your family has asthma or allergies. However, breathing higher-quality air improves your overall health and helps prevent serious respiratory illnesses from taking hold.

Allergy-Reducing Gifts for Mother’s Day

If you truly feel that Mom could benefit from cleaner indoor air, make Mother’s Day special by giving her something that will help reduce her allergies. Here are a few ideas.

  • Air Purification System: This system attaches to the HVAC System and works tirelessly to destroy particle matter in the air, including gases, odors, microorganisms, dust and more.
  • Air conditioner: If Mom doesn’t have A/C, consider giving her a central air conditioner for Mother’s Day. The ability to stay comfortable at home without opening the windows could work wonders for her spring allergies. Plus, air conditioning removes excess moisture to discourage mold growth.
  • Houseplant: A lovely lady palm, peace lily, or areca palm doesn’t just add a touch of green to Mom’s living room; it also helps remove chemical toxins from the air. Just be sure she doesn’t water the plant too much and allow mold to grow.

For more useful indoor air quality tips for Mother’s Day and the rest of the year, please contact Aire Serv®.

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